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Pizza Paratha

Pizza Paratha Recipe in Urdu & English Pakistani food lovers are always on the look out to find some new and tasty blend of cooking recipes to treat their taste buds with. Pizza paratha recipe is such a combination of two of the most beloved foods in Pakistan, pizza, and paratha. There are many other Pakistani recipes in Urdu on the sooperchef.pk menu like Seekh kabab paratha roll, Gola kabab, kabab biryani, fried chicken legs, mutton Kunna, Malai boti, chicken cheese kofta curry, chicken wings, Madrasi handi, Sindhi biryani and Nan khatai. Pizza recipe is basically a flatbread that is yeasted and normally topped with cheese, meat chunks, and vegetables. The first pizza was said to be prepared during the 10th century in Italy. On the other hand, paratha recipe is a form of flatbread which originated from the Indian subcontinent and is still prevalent in Pakistan India and Burma and is a traditional staple food of the area. The pizza paratha recipe is a blend of both of these delectable dishes. For its preparation, a simple paratha is used as the base bread of the pizza and the crust is filled with cheese or it can be made without it. The paratha bread can then be topped with vegetables like capsicum, mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken chunks, prawns and any combination you would like to come up with. You can learn the culinary art of preparing this delectable snack recipe then you can download it from sooperchef.pk and also acquire assistance from our 4k step by step video guide.