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Chicken Masala Recipe

Chicken Masala Recipe in Urdu & English Chicken Masala recipe from sooperchef is the right chicken recipe for all the masala loving foodies all over the world. The word Murgh Masala recipe literally translates to “spicy chicken” or “chicken in spices” and is arguably one of the spiciest dishes on our panel. There are many other chicken recipes in Urdu on Sooperchef like chicken lasagna, chicken cheese noodles, Italian chicken, yogurt chicken roast, Murgh Yakhni pulao, chicken kofta curry, Malai boti recipe, Mongolian chicken, chicken chow mien, chicken tempura, chicken wings and chicken schnitzel. Murgh masala recipe is said to have a Punjabi origin as hot and spicy food generally belongs to the Punjabi genre and style of cooking. Chicken meat is the staple meat in Pakistan due to its easy availability and it can be prepared easily too, as compared to mutton, veal, beef and lamb that need some mastery and skill to prepare properly. Chicken meat has been around central Asia for centuries, to be precise, it first originated in the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago when the first jungle fowl were domesticated and then raised as a source of food and feathers. The red jungle fowl along with gray jungle fowl of the Indian jungles are said to be the forerunners of the modern chicken that we see today. Chicken meat is widely eaten all over the world and is one of the most common types of poultry in the world. You can follow sooperchef.pk to download the complete recipe of the Murgh masala recipe in Urdu and English for free.