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Beef Pasanday

If you are beef lover, and on the lookout for some tasty and notorious beef recipe than consider yourself in luck, as SooperChef is bringing the delectable beef Pasanday recipe to your kitchens via a touch on the screen of your smartphones. The beef pasanda recipe, also known as the beef parcha is a popular meat dish from south Asian part of the subcontinent, notably in locations like south India, Hyderabadi territories and Pakistan, a recipe derived from the royal court of the Mughal emperors. There are many other delectable and protein filled beef recipes that you can find on the menu of the largest digital food network of Pakistan, sooperchef.pk. some of the most honorable mentions on the panel right now, that are worthy of a look include the juicy and tempting beef steak with lemon and honey sauce recipe, the spicy beef biryani masala recipe, the desirable beef chili dry recipe, the palatable beef stroganoff recipe, the creamy beef haleem recipe and at last but not the least, the delectable beef Nihari recipe. The word “Pasanday” is a variation of an Urdu term, literally translating to favourite, owing to the prime cut of meat, traditionally used to prepare the recipe. It was originally prepared with lamb leg, the meat cut and flattened into strips, however the contemporary variant is prepared with pot roasted beef that is cut into strips, while chicken and king prawns can also be used for the preparation, with the main preparation method staying almost the same. You can find the complete beef Pasanday recipe in Urdu and English at sooperchef.