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Baingan ka Bharta Recipe

Salutations and greetings to all the new foodies that have joined Pakistan’s largest online digital food network, sooperchef.pk and welcome back to all the sooper foodies that have been following us regularly. Being the country’s first of food network of its kind, sooperchef has displayed a wide range of exotic and mouth-watering dishes from American, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Arabian cuisines. But the key part of its recipes is composed of Indian recipes and Pakistani recipes, and today the competent culinary team of sooperchef.pk is going to present a truly traditional and palatable recipe known as the bengan ka bharta recipe. there are many other delicious vegetable recipes on the panel of sooperchef.pk, some of the most honorable mentions on the menu right now include the tasty and flavorsome vegetable biryani recipe, the crumbly and crispy fish and potato kabab recipe, the newfangled and innovative vegetable Katori pizza recipe, the healthy and hearty fish vegetable and noodle soup recipe, the traditional Navratan mix vegetable bhujia recipe and at last but not the least the delectable palak pakora recipe. bengan ka bharta is eaten in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan with chapatti or tandoori roti and even a paratha and is a significant part of the subcontinent’s cuisine. This vegan recipe is prepared by mincing eggplant/brinjal by grilling it over a naked flame or charcoal. This kind of preparation gives it a signature smoky and strong flavor and upon preparation of the dish is often served with raita. The complete bengan ka bharta recipe can be accessed by logging on to sooperchef.pk