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Beef Haleem Recipe

Traditional food lovers are in luck today as the largest online food network of Pakistan, your very own sooperchef.pk is bringing in the delectable and traditional beef haleem recipes to all of its fans around the country! The beef haleem recipe in urdu, sometimes also known as the kozi beef haleem recipe, is a popular stew in many countries all around the globe including the Middle East, many parts of central Asia as well as the Indian subcontinent. Although the preparation of the recipe varies from place to place, the main ingredients for the general preparation always include barley or wheat, meat (usually finely minced from beef, camel or chicken is used) with an assortment of lentils. Sometimes the preparation also involves the addition of rice in it. There are many other recipes on the menu of sooperchef that are certainly worth a look, some of the most honorable and top notch mentions on the panel right now include the delectable and easy on the stomach: daal chawal recipe, the scrumptious and healthy beef Nihari recipe, the smoky and nutritious beef steak with lemon and honey sauce recipe, the spicy and fiery beef biryani masala recipe, the delectable beef chili dry recipe and the last but not the least, the exotic beef stroganoff recipe. There are many variations of the haleem eaten around the world like the keskek, Hareesa and khichra. The origin of the haleem recipe lies in a popular Arabian recipe, known as the “harees” (sometimes also written as “jareesh”). You can log on to sooperchef to enjoy the complete beef haleem recipe for free.