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Grilled Prawn

Grilled Prawn Recipe in Urdu & English Sooperchef has a wide variety of seafood recipes on its menu and the grilled prawn recipe is a new and tasty addition to it. Other fish recipes featured on SooperChef include pomfret fry fish, fish potato kabab, batter fried fish with French fries, spicy tawa fish, fish salan recipe, Dhaka fried fish, pan fried fish with lemon sauce, fish vegetable and noodle soup, finger fish, spicy fried fish and Lahori fried fish. Prawns and shrimps are tasty and important types of seafood that are eaten all over the world. Shrimps and prawns are rich in iodine, calcium and omega 3 but low when it comes to food energy. Fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders love prawns and shrimps as they are a great source of protein. Consumption of prawns and shrimps is considered healthy also because they lack saturated fat which is good for the betterment of the human circulatory system. They can be prepared in a variety of ways and every nation has its very own method of preparing a prawn for e.g. in Japan they are deep fried in with a batter coating and known as tempura prawns, in Thailand they are served with soup and rice, in Pakistan and India, they are assorted with special fish masala and then deep fried in oil until they are crispy. Another popular way to prepare seafood recipes is on a grill where prawns, shrimps, and fish is bbq and served with barbecue sauce. You can find the complete recipe of Grilled Prawns and step by step preparation method on sooperchef.pk.Learn to cook more Continental food with Sooper Chef.