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Daal Makhni Recipe

Daal Makhani Recipe in Urdu & English For the foodies out there who are tired of meat and those spicy dishes, then this Special Pakistani recipe Daal Makhani recipe is here to ease you up. This mildly tasting dish is tasty and refreshing as well as rich in nutrients as protein and carbohydrates. The word daal Makhani literally translates as lentils with butter or cream, owing to the creamy and buttery texture of the recipe. It can be prepared with whole black lentils, or yellow lentils and even red kidney beans. It can be prepared with cream, butter and this is where it gets it richness from but it can also be prepared with yogurt. There are many other traditional Pakistani recipes like the navratan mix vegetable, veggie nuggets, vegetable biryani, palak pakora, fried daal mash, daal Chawal and curry pakora. Dal makhani is a staple food all over the Indian subcontinent and it was popularized after the partition of India and Pakistan in the year of 1947. After the partition, the diaspora migrated to new territories and thus the recipe became more and more famous with the passage of time. The recipe was originally prepared by Sardar Singh before the partition of the Indian subcontinent and since then it has become a significant part of Punjabi cuisine. On sooperchef.pk, you can find the complete daal Makhani recipe along with the complete list of ingredients and preparation method and make a daal recipe that no one would say no to. You can also watch our instant two-minute recipe video that will guide you and make cooking easier for you.