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White Handi Recipe

White Handi Recipe by sooperchef is a trendy dish from the Pakistani barbecue cuisine and there is no menu of a restaurant which is complete without it. White Handi Recipe is a soft dish whose name reflects the personality of the elements used for its marinating. from time to time it is also known as chicken white shahi handi recipe . “Malai” which denotes cream is a chief constituent for its groundwork and offers the dish with a silky texture. The recipe is prepared in an antique, customary open mouthed cooking gadget known as the handi. This handi which looks very analogous to an American bean-pot is typically made out of clay and there are many customary cooking recipes that are arranged in it. On the sooperchef set of choices, you can find many tasty chicken recipes like chicken schnitzel, and the tasty chicken loaf, then yogurt chicken roast, the delicious chicken lasagna , not last chicken cutlets and chicken pakora but the white handi is debatably the most creamy and delicious of them all. White handi boti can be made by using beef and or lamb, mutton meat, but chicken is the most easily accessible and fluently prepared so it is chosen most of the time. This creamy recipe is regularly prepared in Pakistani homes as well as restaurants and social meetings etc as the main course meal. The creamy recipe can be eaten with roti, naan and also with paratha or puri. It is often served hot at fiestas like bbq parties and henna functions and wedding ceremonies. Chicken White Handi Recipe in Urdu can be found at sooperchef.pk where you can also gain access to the complete preparation technique and detailed explanation of this smooth recipe and much more.