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Chicken Steak Recipe | How to make Chicken Steak

Chicken Steak with Mashed Potatoes Meat lovers and protein enthusiasts are in luck, as their very own sooperchef.pk is bringing the tasty and nutritious chicken steak with mashed potatoes recipe. This tasty chicken recipe is highly rich in nutrients like protein and contains no fat which makes it great for people who are trying to get in shape and trying to burn excessive fat off their waists. There are many other tasty recipes that you can find on sooperchef like the fiery and hot peri peri chicken recipe, the squishy and supple honey chicken drumsticks , the crunchy and crumbly chicken bbq nachos and the delicious tarragon chicken recipe. Steak is generally prepared by slicing meat across muscular parts with the potential inclusion of a bone. Steak is prepared by a variety of meats including chicken, bison, beef, veal, mutton, sheep, reindeer, turkey and deer. Steak can also be prepared with fish meat, the meat used for the purpose is usually from salmon or large pelagic fishes like swordfish, marlin, and tuna. Steak recipes are usually prepared by grilling but they can also be prepared by frying or broiling. Some famous steak cuts are namely rib eye steak, T-bone steak, top sirloin steak, and flank. Steaks are served with a variety of appetizers like mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, French fries, cheese, and rice along with a variety of sauces like hickory sauce, mustard sauce, bbq sauce, tomato ketchup and chili garlic sauce. Log on to sooperchef.pk to download the complete chicken steak with mashed potatoes recipe in Urdu and English language for free.