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Pan Roasted Chicken Recipe

Hi and greetings to the chief digital food and cooking portal of Pakistan: sooperchef.pk, whose competent team of chefs bringing in the delectable pan-roasted chicken recipe for all of its fans to tingle their taste buds with! There is a huge range of recipes on the menu of sooperchef.pk and some of the top grossing recipes on the menu right now include the tasty and chicken burger recipe for kids, the flavorsome chicken pie recipe, the tasty and spicy chicken teriyaki recipe, the light and delightful chicken and vegetable spring rolls recipe, and the deliciously fried chicken legs recipe. Pan roasting is basically a roasting process that involves a piece of cookware known as the roasting pan. This type of cooking involves roasting meat and vegetables and other ingredients with the help of an oven. Most of the time it is used with a rack that sits inside that pan and keeps the meat hanging above and prevents it from touching the fat and juice drippings to have a distinctive flavor. most of the times, a shallow cooking pan is used for pan roasting meat (usually the smaller cuts) but for larger cuts and portions of vegetables and meat like whole poultry items i.e. geese, turkeys and chickens, larger and deeper roasting pans are used. The deeper versions of the roasting pans can hold the meat above the other ingredients below such as vegetables and beans etc so that the ingredients below can absorb all the fat and the juice drippings during cooking. Deep roasting pans can be utilized as a substitute for baking dishes or basins, as they are able to grip smaller baking dishes that must be enveloped with boiling hot water. Roasting pans can be made out of many different kinds of material like stainless steel with nonstick coating, aluminum foil, cast iron, and coated enamelware. Find the complete pan-roasted chicken recipe on sooperchef.pk for free.

Chicken Cashew Nuts With Fried Rice Recipe

Chicken Cashew nuts with fried rice Chicken cashew nut with fried rice recipe is one of the most popular American-Chinese recipes in Pakistan. It is usually prepared by shallow frying chicken with cashew nuts that are golden browned or roasted. Another main ingredient of the recipe that is used during the final preparation stage is either a light or a thick sauce made of chicken stock, oyster sauce and soy sauce. The traditional version of the chicken cashew nuts recipe involves the stir frying of chicken meat in a cooking utensil known as the wok. Wok is the Japanese counterpart of the Pakistani Karahi and looks very similar to it. Apart from the looks, the cooking method and usage of the utensil are pretty much the same too. Boneless chicken meat is cut into small and tender, bite-sized chunks and added with crispy, crumbly cashews. In addition to this, vegetables such as chopped capsicums, chopped carrots, sliced cabbage, ginger, onion, sliced green onions, along with some blended eggs and corn flour are tossed into sauces like soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic sauce and vinegar and then shallow fried. In Some places like America, a deep fried version of the chicken cashew nuts is also popular at restaurants and eateries. Sometimes the preparation of the chicken cashew nuts recipe involves a special sauce known as the hoisin sauce which is thinned with water, prior to the addition into the main assortment. In Pakistan, the chicken cashew nuts are served with vegetable or chicken fried rice which makes it taste even better. You can download the complete chicken cashew nuts recipe from sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English language.

Achari Handi Recipe

Achari Handi If you are one of the sooper foodies who is sick and tired of all the tasteless continental and American foods that have no spice, and your taste buds are craving for something tangy and desi then the achari handi recipe by sooperchef.pk is the right choice for you. Pakistan is a place of vibrant culture and diverse lifestyles. With such divine culture, come different cooking approaches, everyone having a unique quality of its own. One such preparation method includes a primitive cooking utensil known as the Handi. Handi is the desi correspondent of the American bean pot, a hefty, wide mouthed vessel conventionally made out of clay or copper. Abundant Pakistani dishes are cooked in such handies, and there are some of the honorable mentions that you can find on the menu of sooperchef.pk, for instance the royal and elegant chicken shahi handi recipe, the smoke and tasty chicken barbeque handi recipe and the creamy and velvety white handi recipe. The achari handi recipe gets its name from the word achar of the Urdu language which means “pickle”. Because of the involvement of pickles in the preparation and garnishing of the handi with pickled vegetables and fruits, it is named as the chicken achari handi recipe. Also during the process of seasoning, a special kind of masala known as the achar masala is added to the mix for the strong, spicy and tangy flavor of the dish. You can learn to prepare the delectable achari handi recipe by logging on to sooperchef.pk.