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Chicken Qeema Paratha

Chicken Qeema Paratha Recipe Parathas are the national breakfast of Pakistan and SooperChef is proud to present the delectable chicken qeema paratha recipe for its beloved users all around the world. This delectable dish is a traditional Pakistani recipes which is prevalent all over Pakistan, especially the Punjab province. Other than that, the paratha is eaten all over India and Burma too. There are many other tasty paratha recipes on the SooperChef menu like the tasty and innovative pizza paratha recipe, the tasty and the flavorsome seekh kabab paratha roll recipe. Other traditional recipes include mutton kunna recipe and mutton roast recipe. Paratha is a staple food almost everywhere where wheat is grown. The word paratha is a join up of two words “parat’’ which means layer and “atta” which means flour, literally referring to a multi-layered bread made out of wheat flours. Sometimes these layers of flour are filled with a stuffing of vegetables and meat. The most popularly eaten filled parathas are made out of potatoes, radish, and cauliflower, minced meat which includes chicken, mutton, lamb, veal, and beef. These types of parathas are traditionally served at breakfast tables along with servings of lassi and green mint chutney and are prevalent in the Punjab provinces of Pakistan and India. Apart from chutney, the paratha is delightfully eaten alongside pickles, ketchup, paneer, cheese, and dahi raita etc. you can find the complete chicken qeema paratha recipe on sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English for free. You can also learn to prepare the delectable paratha recipe with the help of our video guide.Must try this Biryani recipe by Sooper Chef.