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Chicken Kathi Roll Recipe

Chicken Kathi Roll recipe If you are you feeling hungry and craving for something scrumptiously tasty yet you don’t want a heavy meal? You are on the lookout for a snack that would ease your craving and tingle your taste buds at the same time? Then my dear foodie friend, you have made the right decision to come to the right place, sooperchef.pk, Pakistan's largest online food network, the home to some really tasty snacks and with its latest addition, the utterly scrumptious Chicken Kathi Roll recipe, it is literally on a roll! (No pun intended) There is a huge range of snacks to choose from on sooperchef, for instance, the enjoyable stuffed pizza recipe, the lip-smacking pineapple dry recipe, the infamous bun kabab recipe, last but not least the stuffed chicken cheese roll recipe and afghan samosa recipe. The chicken Kathi roll recipe is one of the most relished street snacks of the Indian subcontinent and its origin is said to be Kolkata, India. The original form of the Kathi roll (aka Kati roll) is basically a skewer-roasted kabab, wrapped inside a flatbread known as paratha. Although the original form of the Kathi roll is made with mutton meat, it can also be prepared with beef, chicken and turkey meat. The Kathi roll can be stuffed with eggs, coriander chutney, but many types of cheese like cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese can also be used for the preparation of the delectable Chicken Kathi Roll recipe which you can find on sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English for free.