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Chicken Cheese Samosa

If you are one of the folks who love fried snacks or looking for something as a new addition to your snack list, chicken cheese Samosa recipe from sooperchef.pk might prove to be the best choice in fried recipes. This crumbly delight is a deep-fried snack with a very beautiful texture golden, crispy texture. Even though its origins are said to be Indian, it is widely eaten in many parts of the world including the Arabian Peninsula, the Mediterranean, North and North Africa as well as Central Asia and Southeast Asia. There are many more recipes on the menu of sooperchef that can help tingle your taste buds with joy. Some of the most honorable mentions on the panel include the delectable and crunchy Arabian rice recipe (KFC style), the scrumptious and flavorsome potato toffee (aloo bites) recipe, the protein-packed mutton ginger recipe, the cool and saccharine Badami and strawberry kulfi recipe, and the cheesy and tasty fiery pizza fries recipe made with readymade fingers. Characteristically the Samosas are triangular or tetrahedral in shape but its size and consistency vary depending on the locality. Some variants of the samosa are baked instead of being deep fried and are smaller in size. Prior to the frying process, the outer layer of the samosa which looks very much like a tortilla is known natively as the Patti of the samosa. The Samosa Patti is shaped into a triangle and stuffed with various items including minced chicken or beef, diced chicken chunks, peas, potatoes, corn, and lentils etc. The chicken cheese samosa recipe is served with sauce, ketchup or mint chutney and is a must prepare item this Ramadan. Log on to sooperchef.pk for an easy video tutorial to learn the skill of preparing this luscious snack or download the inclusive recipe and preparation process in Urdu for free.