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Cheese Nuggets

Cheese Nuggets Recipe in Urdu & English To all the Cheese loving foodies out there, this cheese nuggets recipe is something that you can’t miss at any cost. There are many other cheesy snack recipes on the sooperchef menu like chicken cheese kofta curry, chicken cheese stuffed kababs, chicken cheese roll and chicken cheese corn samosa. Nuggets are a popular chicken product eaten all over the world as a tasty fast food item which was popularized by many world renowned restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King which serve nuggets all over the world. Mostly these nuggets are made from chicken meat and are breaded (covered in a coating of bread crumbs) or battered in corn flour. They are mostly deep fried or baked. Some fast food restaurants also serve vegan alternatives for vegetarians, these restaurants make these vegan nuggets with falafel and ground beans. Nuggets are famous worldwide and eaten with great delight. The chicken nuggets were discovered by a food science professor from the Cornell University, Dr. Robert C. Baker back in 1950 and these nuggets were later commercialized and adopted by McDonalds from where they gained global fame. Their recipe was commissioned by Tyson Foods in the year 1979 and the product started selling in 1980. Nuggets in fast food restaurants are mostly served with burger, fries and fried chicken and in homes, they make a great snack for adults and can be packed in children lunch boxes for school. In Pakistan, leading chicken brands like Kn&n are producing ready to cook nuggets on a large scale. You can download the complete recipe of cheese nuggets from sooperchef.pk.