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Quick & Easy Chana Chat Recipe

Looking for something tasty, tangy and originally Pakistani? Then you have hit the jackpot as sooperchef.pk is bringing you the tasty chana chaat recipe that will spice up your evening snack time! This tasty and delightful chaat recipe is made with healthy and light ingredients that will keep you coming back for more serving after serving but won’t make you feel heavy or bloated. There are other snack recipes on sooperchef.pk that you can have a look at. Some of the honorable mentions are the tasty and innovative stuffed pizza recipe, the easy and simple to make bread samosa recipe, the hot and spicy Mexican tacos recipe and the delectable fried wonton recipe. Chana chaat is a savory snack which is typically served at roadside eateries, food stalls and had carts. It is popular all over the Indian subcontinent: countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Although the origin of chana chaat is said to Uttar Pradesh India, this tasty chaat has gained immense popularity in the rest of South Asia. The word chana chaat is taken from the Hindi Language and it translates to “a delicacy, eaten noisily”. The tasty and tangy chana chaat recipe is prepared with a variety of ingredients which include boiled chickpeas, boiled potatoes that are diced into nicely shaped cubes, onions, green chilies, red pepper, salt, lemon juice and lots and lots of chaat masala. Sometimes tamarind chutney is also poured over the chana chaat to make it even tastier. You can download the complete chana chaat recipe by sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English language for free.