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Bohri Kabab Recipe

Hello there folks, if you are on the lookout for a tasty and delicious kabab recipe then the Bohri kabab recipe by the largest and number one ranking food network of Pakistan, sooperchef.pk is the green light for you to taste. As the name suggests, the Bohri kabab recipe is a kabab dish that was made and introduced by the Bohra community of Pakistan. There have been some really tasty and delicious recipes on the menu of sooperchef.pk since we started cooking for our beloved folks back in 2016. The most honorable mentions and the top-notch recipes on the menu of sooperchef.pk nowadays include the delicious and hearty aloo ka paratha achari recipe, the steamy and tasty Afghani pulao recipe, the saucy and tangy teriyakis chicken wings recipe, the infamous aloo samosa recipe and the delightful matar pulao recipe. The Bohri cuisine is said to be an amalgamation of both Mughlai cuisines and Gujarati cuisines and this logic has great significance since the native or mother language of the Bohri people is also Gujarati` although many times it is confused for memoni language. For the preparation of the Bohri kabab, the meat is taken from either chicken or beef and then minced thoroughly. The distinguishing characteristic here being that the meat is minced twice and then rolled into medium sized balls, although the size can vary from place to place and according to choice, other ingredients such as thoroughly beaten eggs, roasted cumin, chili powders and green chilies are also added to the mix. When the kababs are ready, bread crumbs are added to the top layer as a coating to ensure the crumbly outer texture of the Bohri kabab is in place. You can download the complete Bohri kabab recipe in Urdu and English language from sooperchef.pk for free.