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Arrabiata Pasta Recipe

Arrabiata Pasta Recipe in Urdu & English If you are one of the many folks who are sick and tired of all the old pasta recipes all over again and want something new then the delicious Arrabiata pasta recipe from the largest and number one digital food and cooking network of Pakistan: sooperchjef.pk. Over the course of the last year, there have been many great recipes that were brought to foodies all over the globe with only a touch on the screen of their smartphones via Sooperchef. Some of the most top-notch recipes on the panel of Sooperchef include the delicious homemade pita bread and pita pockets recipe, the crunchy and crumbly Arrabian rice (KFC style) recipe, the delicious and flavorsome potato toffee (aloo bites) recipe, the protein-laden mutton ginger recipe and the cool and calming Badami and strawberry kulfi recipe. Pasta is a traditional Italian food which was first prepared in 1154 in the city of Sicily. Pasta is generally prepared with the use of unleavened dough of durum wheat flour which is usually mixed with eggs or water and then formed into shapes and sizes of all different types. Some varieties of pasta are also prepared with rice flour instead of using wheat. There are two broad categories in which pasta is divided into, dried pasta and fresh pasta. Arabiata is a spicy Italian sauce that is made for seasoning and flavoring of pasta. It is prepared from garlic, tomatoes, and dried chili peppers that are cooked in olive oil. The sauce first originated from the Lazio region around Rome. The term Arabiata literally translates to “angry” in the Italian language, referring to the spiciness of the red chili peppers and the red texture of the recipe resembling the face of a person going red with anger and fury. You can download the complete Arabiata pasta recipe in  Urdu and English by Sooper Chef.