Symptoms of Diseases Expressed All Over Your Face

Symptoms of Diseases Expressed All Over Your Face

Symptoms of Diseases Expressed All Over Your Face

When you visit your family doctor and start with a chat, having an eye to eye contact, it is not just about creating rapport. Certain facial traits may express important clues that underlie your health conditions. You need to start getting worried as the appearance of your face changes, it leads to some sort of a disease symptom coming ahead. And, if the signs are new to you, you must tell your doctor straight away.

Dry, flaky skin or lips

It is the most common and alarming symptom of dehydration within your body. It may also identify even a more serious problem that impacts sweat gland function, such as hypothyroidism or maybe diabetes ahead. Other symptoms may include a weight gain, feeling cold, or fatigued. Moreover, diabetes sign includes an extreme level of thirst, more than the usual need of urination, and blurry vision that impacts your eyesight. Here are Foods that will keep your skin looking years younger than your original age!

Excessive facial hair

Unwanted or excessive hairs on your face, especially near your chin, jawline, and upper lip can lead to indicate polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance in which male hormones are becoming dominated. You need to consult your physician for that visible change on your face.

Soft, yellow spots on eyelids

People that suffer from yellow spots on eyelids may have a high risk of a certain heart disease. People with such symptoms on their face are more likely to have a heart attack over the next couple of decades as they develop hardening of the arteries.

Eye bags and puffiness

Puffiness around your eyebags is a leading sign of chronic allergies to be happening, that usually dilates our blood vessels and cause a leakage. As it is one of the most sensitive parts of your facial skin that lies under your eyes, puffiness and a dark purple-blue hue appearance on them leads to a worse symptom of allergic diseases. You need to consult a doctor on an immediate basis. These are the Worst Eye Care Mistakes You

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