Surprising Things That Panics You with Headaches

Surprising Things That Panics You with Headaches

Surprising Things That Panics You with Headaches

A crying kid within your home, a work deadline or a monthly target, a smelly dashboard of the car or a bad mood, anything annoying such as some of them listed above can easily trigger a headache.

BetterRead has made a list to help you figure out why your head is noggin out again and again.

Let us have a look at it:

Pickled, aged, or marinated foods

A naturally organic compound known as tyramine can be a leading sign towards a severe headache as it is present in a wide range of veggies, fruits, and meats. The high amount of this compound is present in foods that are usually marinated, aged for some long span of time, or pickled. The more the food is rich in tyramine, the worse your headache could be.

Tight hairstyles

Such type of hairstyles like braids, ponytails, high buns and various other girly stuff hairstyles can most of the time create havoc on the scalp from the tug and tight pull on the hair. This constant and prolonged pull-down and traction is potential threat to create an irritation on certain nerves that are directly associated with the scalp. Let down your hair and settle them to rest so that your headache can stop for all.

Jaw misalignment

The dysfunction of the jaw joint and bite-related problematic areas within your mouth are the two most common causes of a headache. A bad bite is the all-time big contributor to such type of headaches. So, if you have an improper or poor alignment of jaws, that leads to the straining of head and neck muscles, it can cause a severe type of a headache. The strain gets worse every time you chew, eat or swallow, that is mostly usual as you intake regular day to day meals.

Strong smells

Most of the people encounter the trigger of a sudden headache by the presence of strong perfumes and fragrances. Such type of headaches is often due to the smoke of a cigarette, perfumes and even petrol or kerosene oil. If you are experiencing migraines, such type of smells might be the reason to trigger a severe and sudden headache.


Dehydration can cause severe headaches. You need to make sure that you are drinking an adequate amount of water that is really important for your health. You need to consume at least seven to eight regular glasses of water on a daily basis as it is important for you to prevent certain health-related issues and also that includes headaches as well.

Feeling of Hunger

Hunger is one of the most common and sometimes surprising causes of a headache. You can blame it on an adrenal fatigue as our blood sugar level suddenly drops and the adrenal fatigue causes the body muscles to contract in an extensive manner and you not only get irritable, but you may also experience a severe headache as well. Follow SooperChef 1-minute instant video to get the best delectable dishes to cook your favorite meal for any time of the day.

Hope, you find this article a worth it thing to read and you are going to follow the rules to avoid headaches.

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