Natural Gout Remedies for Swelling and Pain You Can Try at Home

Natural Gout Remedies for Swelling and Pain You Can Try at Home

Natural Gout Remedies for Swelling and Pain You Can Try at Home

Try these instant, easy and effective home remedies for the gout symptom relief of swelling and pain. But, what first, we need to be sure about what actually is gout?

Let us have a look at it:

What is Gout?

Gout is almost a similar kind of arthritis that causes swelling, pain, tenderness, and inflammation in the body joints. It creates a panic among different sort of body parts, such as knees, ankles, wrists, ears, and small joints in the hands. This pain usually happens due to a higher level of uric acid within our bodies. Moreover, there are other causes that lead to such a pain that includes lack of exercise, anxiety, and stress, excessive intake of protein and change in the genetics. Gout is also interlinked with several serious health issues and you need to seek a proper medical treatment as prescribed by your physician in such a difficult situation. Surprisingly, there are some easy to make homemade remedies for gout issues that relieve the panic and swelling as well.


Cherries have a significant amount of antioxidant properties in them, and that makes it an excellent source of home remedy for gout pain. Cherries also are helpful to minimize inflammation and several other gout-related flare-ups as they are rich in anthocyanin. You need to start eating 15 to 20 cherries within a day to wipe away such pain-causing symptoms.

Ginger root

Ginger root has an anti-inflammatory tendency and is one of the effective remedies for gout treatment. One way to intake ginger root is to just mix it with your daily meals while cooking. Another tip to take ginger root is to add a half teaspoon of ginger root and mix into the boiling water. Then, drink the mixture once it is cooled down.


Guess what? Water is one of the perfect gout remedies. So, if you are having gout pain or swelling, it is really important to remain hydrated throughout the day and drink a lot of water. It is going to be helpful to get rid of uric acid out of the body, keeping your gout issues in control. Moreover, there are Ten Good Changes That Happen To Your Body When You Hydrate Yourself More

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best homemade gout relief remedy for swelling and pain as the acidity in it is helpful to remove pain and minimize the inflammation. You need to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a regular glass of water and drink it for two to three times in a day. So, if you find this an aid, you can intake more of the apple cider vinegar into the water.

Cold water

Cold water is an instant aid to minimize swelling in the case of gout-related issue. You need to soak the affected area of your body with the cold water for the relief of pain rather than using ice. Ice is one of the most ineffective ways for the treatment of gout that can cause more harm than good, leaving you with the damaged skin and make a worse condition for your body.


You surely have these gout remedies right in your kitchen. The amount of potassium in bananas are going to convert uric acid of your body into liquid form, that is going to exit from your body via urination. Moreover, bananas also consist of Vitamin C, that minimizes swelling and pain. You need to add one or two bananas as a daily diet intake.


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