Mango Firni

Mango Firni

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Mango Firni Firni is a traditional rice based pudding-style dessert popular in the Indian Subcontinent. It is prepared by boiling ground rice, vermicelli and broken wheat into milk and sugar and it is flavored by cardamom and saffron. It is garnished with dry fruits and nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews and peanuts. It is sometimes confused with a similar rice based dish known as the Kheer because they look very much alike, however the main difference between Kheer and firni is that Kheer is prepared my boiling whole rice and firni is prepared by boiling ground rice. In Bangladesh, India and Pakistan Muslims prepare this recipe for their auspicious occasions like Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Azha while Hindus of the region prepare it at their festivals like diwali and dussehra. The popular English Rice Pudding is said to be descended from the firni. There are many other delicious traditional Eid recipes like shahi Kheer, shahi tukray, coconut halwa, sooji ka halwa, mango kulfi, sheer Khurma and lab-e-sheerin. There are many different variations of firni prepared all over the Indian subcontinent like in Bangladesh it is prepared by semolina and milk is used in a significantly larger amount. It is flavored with coconut milk and is much creamier in taste. If you want to download the complete recipe and preparation method of mango firni recipe then you need to follow where you can find thousands of delicious recipes in the easiest ways possible!

Ingredients for Mango Firni:

- 5 tbsp Rice

- 1 liter Milk

- Water (As Needed)

- 6 Green Cardamoms

- Half cup Sugar

- 3 Mangoes (mashed)

- 20 gm Pistachio

- 20 gm Almond

- 20 gm Cashew


1- In a cooking pot, add milk, water, green cardamom, grinded rice.

2- Now, cook it for 5 minutes.

3- After that, add sugar, mashed mangoes .

4- Now cook for 3-4 minutes.

5- Use almond, pistachio, cashew for garnishing.

6- Serve after chilled.

Your healthy Mango firni now ready to serve.

Cooking time:30 minutes

Serve: 2

مینگو فرنی اجزاء
چاول پانچ کھانے کے چمچ
دودھ ایک لیٹر
پانی حسب ضرورت
سبز اِلائچی چھ عدد
چینی آدھا کپ
پسے ہوئے آم تین عدد
پستہ بیس گرام
بادام بیس گرام
کاجو بیس گرام
مینگو فرنی ترکیب
۔ایک برتن میں پانی لیں اور اس میں چاول ڈال کر بھِگو لیں ۔
۔اب گرائینڈ ر میں تھوڑا سا پانی ڈال کر گرائینڈ کر لیں ۔
۔اب ایک پین میں دو دھ اور آدھا کپ پانی ڈا ل کر اُبال لیں ۔
۔اب اس میں سبز اِلائچی اورپسے ہوئے چاول ڈال کر مکس کر لیں اور پانچ منٹ تک ہلکی آنچ پر پکا لیں ۔
۔اب اس میں چینی اور پسے ہوئے آم ڈال کر تین سے چار منٹ تک پکا کر گاڑھا کر لیں ۔
۔اب اس میں پستہ ،بادام اور کاجو کو بطور گارنش استعمال کر لیں ۔
آپکی مزیدار مینگو فرنی تیار ہے ۔
پکانے کا وقت: پچیس سے تیس منٹ
افراد: دو عدد

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