Fruit Trifle

Fruit Trifle

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Fruit Trifle Recipe in Urdu & English

Pakistan is heaven for foodies with a sweet tooth for delectable desserts. There is a huge variety of desserts including traditional sweeteners like sooji ka halwa (semolina), gajar ka halwa, to western and more exquisite desserts like the molten lava cake and pineapple walnut delight. One of such desserts is a primitive treat, brought to the region during the British raj, the Fruit Trifle. This dessert has an English origin and dates back to the sixteenth century and was prepared by an English chef, Thomas Dawson. Trifle is a delectable creamy delight prepared with a thick cream of custard, added with sponge cake or fruit cake in some variants and then assorted with fruits. These ingredients are prepared in four or five layers and the uppermost layer is garnished with fruit flavored jelly. Fruit trifle recipe is a favorite dessert of Pakistanis and is served at various occasions like Eid ul fitr and parties etc. Follow to learn the art of preparing this creamy delight and download the complete Fruit Trifle recipe in Urdu.

Fruit Trifle
- 3 tbsp Vanilla Custard
- 1 cup Sugar
- 1-1/2 ltr Milk
- 1 tsp Vanilla Essence
- 10 Fruit Cake
- 1 Mehran Fruit Syrup
- 1 Mehran Mix Fruit
- 500g Whipped Cream
- 25g Pistachio
- 25g Cashew
- 25g Almond
- 2 Mango
- 250g Black Grapes
- 3 Banana
Cooking Method
1- In a bowl, add milk, vanilla essence, sugar and mix them
2- In a pan, add milk, vanilla essence, vanilla custard mixed in milk and cook on low flame until thickened, then let it cool
3- Cut the fruit cake
4- In a bowl, add fruit cake, Mehran Mix Fruit, Mehran Fruit Syrup, mango, banana, black grapes, prepared custard, fruit cake, pistachio, cashew, almonds, whipped cream, then use mix fruit for garnishing

Your Tasty Fruit Trifle now ready to serve
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Serve: 3

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