Foods That Reduces the Symptoms of Pain and Inflammation

Foods That Reduces the Symptoms of Pain and Inflammation

Foods That Reduces the Symptoms of Pain and Inflammation

If you are one of those people whose body is suffering from any sort of inflammation and pain, then you really need to take care of yourself by eating up on these wholesome nutritious food items that will nourish your body, ease the painful inflammatory situation of the body and also provides an aid to wipe away the pain within your body.

BetterRead has gathered a list of delectable food items that are necessary for the regular intake to reduce the inflammation and pain of your body.


A protein-based digesting enzyme named as bromelain is present in this tropical fruit that is helpful to reduce inflammation. Pineapples can easily be found on a seasonal basis or available in a nearby grocery store in a canned form. Various studies have proven the fact that eating pineapple may be helpful to reduce the pain in patients suffering from osteoarthritis, a pain in knee and rheumatoid arthritis as it minimizes the swelling in such patients that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. You can make this delectable drink with the help of pineapples known as Pina colada by following this 1-minute instant video at SooperChef.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, many of us have heard this quote from our parents. This popular fruit is considered as one of the many food items to help you with reduced inflammation as it is rich in quercetin, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant. As quoted earlier, one apple a day keeps the doctor away is a certain fact. There are many healthiest ways to eat apples, either you can slice it down or make a salad out of it or drink its juice, all of them will be helpful to provide your body with a nutritious boost.

Nuts and seeds

The type of foods that are rich in the amount of amino acid known as tryptophan may be helpful to low down the sensitivity of pain within an hour of eating it. As nuts and seeds such as sesame seeds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, seafood, dairy products, lentils, rice, and beans are the types of foods that have a high level of tryptophan. That is why you need to consider in taking nuts and seeds available in your pantry as the best disease fighter.


Leafy green veggies such as kale, spinach, chard, etc. are such type of food items that reduce away the pain and inflammation within our body as they have a bulk amount of anti-inflammatory carotenoids within them, such type of plant pigments that provide green and orange with other vibrant colors.

Dark chocolate

Yes, you read that right. We are talking about the intake of dark chocolate as it consists of such chemical compounds that battle against inflammation. A study that was conducted in Europe, Italy showed that the people who tend to ate at least one square of dark chocolate in every three days had a significant drop down of a certain type of protein that is linked with inflammation in comparison with the people who ate no chocolate at all.

Brown rice

Other whole grains and obviously that includes brown rice can battle off the irritable bowel syndrome panic attacks. These types of grains are loaded with a huge amount of magnesium, that appears to prominently reduce the symptoms and pain of migraine attacks by providing help to relax blood vessels, nerves, and muscles. Moreover, women who tend to eat brown rice are less likely to gain extra weight in comparison to those who don

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