Foods Loved By Pakistan and India: Recipes That Are Cherished On Both Sides of the Border

Foods Loved By Pakistan and India: Recipes That Are Cherished On Both Sides of the Border

Foods Loved By Pakistan and India: Recipes That Are Cherished On Both Sides of the Border

Whether it is a serious matter like Kashmir, battling terrorism, or a game of cricket, Pakistan and India have never been on the same page! Having fought four wars and having a rivalry fueled by decades of frustrations, India and Pakistan have never gotten along. Different cultures, different living styles, and different religions, but there is one that Pakistanis and Indians share together, their passion for food. The writing team of Sooperchef has listed to the top eight Pakistani and Indian recipes that are eaten in both the countries with same delight!


No matter if it is Pakistan or India, this fritter snack is relished with great delight. The word pakora is taken from the Sanskrit language and refers to a small lump of fried food. This fried food is eaten by denizens of both the countries: the only difference is that India, being a Hindu dominated country prefers vegan variants like the paneer pakora, palak pakora, and daal mash ka pakora whereas Muslims enjoy more meat-based alternatives like the chicken pakora and even the tasty fish pakora.


However, orthodox Hindu communities pursue purely vegan diets throughout their lives, moderate Hindu communities indulge in kababs as much as Muslims do. Although cooking beef is prohibited in all of India as the cow is their sacred animal, kababs are enjoyed all across the nation from Delhi to Maharashtra. Pakistan is home to a large Diaspora and thus in Pakistan, many kabab recipes can also be found which are not native to the region, just like the Afghani kabab and the gola kabab. Other than that, there are many other variants like the Shami Kabab, Badami seekh kabab and even vegetarian versions like the spicy vegetable kabab.


This recipe is not only loved by Pakistanis and Indians alike, but it is also gaining popularity all over the world. Biryani, being an originally Indian recipe, is said to be first cooked in the royal kitchens of Delhi. Chicken, mutton and beef biryani is eaten all over Pakistan and an Indian version with potatoes, the notorious Bombay biryani is also considered to be a delicacy. No matter if it is a wedding function, school ceremony or even a funeral, you will get to see biryani everywhere.


Just like biryani, korma is another recipe that is eaten in both countries but was originally from India. The recipe is said to be as old as the 16th century when the Indian subcontinent was under the ruling of the Mughal Dynasty and it is known to be one of the most admired and characteristic recipes of the royal Mughal kitchens. The term korma is derived from the Urdu language and it refers to the process of

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