Five Foods That Would Make You Lose Your Cool in the Summer

Five Foods That Would Make You Lose Your Cool in the Summer

Five Foods That Would Make You Lose Your Cool in the Summer

Summer has already hit major parts of the country and soon the remaining parts would face it too. And when it's hot outside, the human body also tends to generate more heat inside it. This is the reason most of us get irritated and agitated and feel irritable, tired very easily. Furthermore, this gives us sleeping troubles loss of concentration. What can we do to avoid all this? Well, the answer is quite simple, While drinking plenty of water is considered crucial, (at it surely is) we must also pay special attention to our diet in summers, not just to stay fit and healthy but also to beat the summer heat. While some foods like cucumbers and watermelons are great for you in summers, there are certain foods that can and will play havoc with your living system at this time. The writing team of the largest online food network of Pakistan, has listed 5 foods that should be avoided in the summers.


Spice powders are an integral part of the Pakistani and Indian cuisine and no meal can be readied without them. Certainly, these spices are the essential factor that livens up our meals and also boosts the rate of metabolism. Although this would keep the fat away, but in the summer season, the boost of the metabolism would heat up the body to an unbearable extent. So this summers, try to limit the uses of spice as much as possible in order to stay cool.

Meat and Seafood

Summer season is certainly not the time to tuck into rich meat gravies or BBQs and even seafood. While you can eat them in moderation, too much meat in the system would make a person sweat more and lead to digestive problems. Furthermore, overindulgence in meat and seafood during summers can cause ailments like diarrhea. So in order to avoid that, try limiting your meat intake and stick to healthy greens and salads more.

Oily and Junk Food

There is no doubt that fried oily snacks like samosas, pakoras, fast food including fried chicken, fries, pizzas, burgers with meat patties and other oily fare need to be avoided at all costs. But in the summertime, these foods become more than usually dangerous as our body has a very hard time dealing with the summer heat, let alone all the excess calories and fat that comes with these foods. Consumption of these foods can cause stomach problems like indigestion, dehydration and excessive sweating.

Tea and Coffee

A universal fact is that most of our folks cannot live without these beverages as they have become an integral part of their lives. But little do they know that these are beverages tend to increase heat in the body which is why they are definitely avoidable during the summer. Furthermore, the caffeine and sugar content can actually dehydrate your body pretty badly, so try to steer clear of them.


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