The Complete Guide to Choose the Best Fruit and Veggies

The Complete Guide to Choose the Best Fruit and Veggies

The Complete Guide to Choose the Best Fruit and Veggies

It is not a hidden secret that modern agriculture is using all types of chemicals, waste materials and fertilizers while growing vegetables and fruits. The result or output that we get looks like the brightest, tastiest. For instance, your apple may turn out to be ugh distasteful when you take out the first bite of it. So, how to select your favorite fruits and vegetables that are obviously perfect for you? At SooperChef, we have prepared the complete infographic that will be of your help to find the ultimate high quality and tasty food item, available at your nearby grocery store or a shop.


Apricots have the same color without marks or bruises when we talk about its appearance. Yellowish or reddish marks are normal that are found on this fruit. Always remember the fact that the surface of this fruit needs to be completely dry. The skin must not change its shape when it is pressed.


They have a pure dark purple color and are shiny as well. There must be no cracks or any type of stains on its coating. The stalk of this vegetable must be green in color. You should pick the ones that are smooth, medium size, spring and relatively heavy in weight.

Water Melons

The stripes of this fruit must be clearly definite in size and the root of watermelon must be dry and yellow in color. It must not be cracked from anywhere, scratch less and must not contain any type of dents on its surface. Choose the watermelons that are average in size, heavy and firm as well. You can check out that the ripe ones crack out when they are pressed.

Pine Apples

This fruit must be consisting of yellow shade and the tips of each segment must be brown in color. The leaves must be thick and green in color as well. Remember to choose those pineapples that are heavy and springy plus if you smell them, they do have a sweet fruity smell. Avoid buying the ones with reddish color.


The appearance of melons must be heavy and rough with a sweet aromatic fruity flavor when smelt. A ripe melon tends to make a muffled sound when tapped with fingers while you buy melons from a nearby stall or a grocery store.


This fruit must be bright, red and shiny in color with an orange tint. Its skin must not be too dry or must not contain any brown cracks or marks on them. Always remember to buy the firm ones when touched and must not contain any odor or smell.


Potatoes are a toughest of all vegetables to be chosen but we got you covered. An even and smooth skin must be the outer appearance of potatoes. There must not be any holes, cracks, marks present on the skin of this veggie. Moreover, it must not be greenish in shade. Select firm and medium size potatoes.


The appearance must be uniform in color with smooth skin without any marks, cracks and dents. Try to select such type of marrows that are more than 15 to 20 cm in length.


Lemons must be shiny skinned without any lump present on its coating. The color must be uniform. This vegetable must be springy and not too firm while pressing with smooth hands. Always pick the heavy size and juicy ones.


The appearance of plums must contain a smooth surface with uniform color. Note that, it must not contain any dark or visible spots on its coating. Always remember that it contains fur on its surface. That means, this fruit is recently picked up from the farms and are fresh to eat.


This vegetable must be green, thin, bright and almost have dull skin. It should be compact in size without having wrinkles upon it. Its faded root indicates that the cucumbers are not fresh to be bought.


Radishes must have uniform color and must contain no dark or yellow spots on its coating. They must be even in shape, firm and smooth. You must try to buy the ones with the leaves attached to it that indicates the sign of its freshness.


The appearance of tomatoes must be shiny, bright, with a thin skin and must not contain any cuts, spots, indentations, greenish marks and not ripe at all. Moreover, it must have a pleasant aromatic smell. An overly thick skin of this fruit gives out the sign that it has a high nitrate content.


Dates must have a uniform dark color and might not be too shiny in color. There must be no defect or damage to its outer layer. The fruit must also be wrinkle-free. This fruit dried without the preservatives used in the form of chemicals should be dry while touching them. It may also be sticky and juicy in touch as there is natural sugar present in the dates.


Apples must contain a very natural appearance in its shape. The surface of this fruit must not be damaged from outer side or must not contain any dark spots or indentations. Remember to choose the fragrant and medium in size apples. If the skin of apples is oily, it is due to the fact that the chemical treatment is applied to protect and preserve them for a long span of time.


There must be no damage to the outer coating of this veggie. The layers must be bright and shiny. Always choose the type of onions that are without roots. A perfect onion must be dry, compact and must not be crushed while squeezing it with bare hands. Its aroma must be sharp but faint as well.


The vegetable must be bright green pod and moist in appearance. You must try to bend the pod in half and if it doesn

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