Clothes Could Be Harmful for your Health, Here is why?

Clothes Could Be Harmful for your Health, Here is why?

Clothes Could Be Harmful for your Health, Here is why?

Have you ever been suspicious or curious about the sweater or a t-shirt that you are about to pull over your head can lead to sicken you, or give you rashes or even the condition can get worse than that?

Here is how to avoid becoming the victim of your own fashion choice:

Toxic fabrics

Fabrics such as nylon, polyester, rayon, and acrylic are made with certain chemicals and dyes. These garments are made with toxic fibers, especially such of them that are custom for either comforting you or fashionable in mind. You need to be aware of flame-retardant, insect-repelling, waterproof, anti-cling, perspiration-proof, and anti-shrink textiles. The more you wear them, the more you might turn towards damaging your body with toxic chemicals. Such type of chemicals gets absorbed into your skin and enter your bloodstream easily, causing a rash. You need to select natural and organic fabrics for yourself such as silk, cotton, wool, flax, and hemp.

High heels

Wearing high heels too often causes a lot more than just foot pain and blisters on your skin. Moreover, it can lead towards a shortened calf. When you wear t-strap or pump heels throughout the day, it automatically raises the ankles, leading to contract calf muscles. The muscle fibers become thick and stiff, it can cause a discomfort when you choose to wear flat shoes. Ultimately, short calves lead you to walk on tippy toes when you are barefoot to avoid foot pain. You need to wear comfy shoes.

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Skin tight jeans

Stop wearing skin tight jeans as it is really not comfortable for a complete whole working day. It causes a boost to poor circulation, swollen legs, and clotting of blood. It even causes numbness in your thighs and feet. Moreover, skinny jeans can damage nerve and muscle fibers present in the legs.

Laundry detergent

Are you suffering from redness, bumps, and rashes? Your laundry routine might be one of the reasons to put a blame on. Fragrances and dyes present in the detergent and laundry soaps consist of such chemicals that deodorize, clean and disinfect the clothes. For people who are prone to eczema or have an extremely sensitive skin, such a type of contact via clothes can trigger an instant reaction. It is recommended to avoid fragrances, dyes, and harsh detergents. You must opt for liquid products as they get easily washed away, leaving behind few residues. Also, you need to use that extra rinse setting on your washing machine and must keep your washing machine cleaner.

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What you're not washing

Gloves, scarves, and winter coats that are just washed on a seasonal basis are a safe haven for many viruses and bacteria that can make you sick. You need to wash them on a weekly basis. Even, pajamas should be washed on a daily basis.

Bulky handbags

When you walk with a bulky big bag, you tend to raise one side of the shoulder to carry on the weight. This might lead to sway off, thus, leading to a collapsed or injured foot arch that correlates to your weighted shoulder and a curved spine, causing a serious shoulder and neck pain, that can flow into the arms as well. It can also lead to the back pain and arthritis. You need to reconsider about what you carry in the bag or distribute the weight with the help of backpack.

Flip flops

Flip-flops are considered as the official wear of summer season. But, you have to clench the foot muscles whole of the time when you are wearing them as they do not fall off. It can cause shortened toe muscles, known as hammer toes, and defect your walking style with the body movement. The grip to keep such footwear on your feet make some of the toe bones to curl up and sometimes it can curl down, leading towards a toe injury. It is better to wear sandals.

Hope so, you find these facts surprising to read. We would like to hear your views on it.

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