Everyone has had a pizza or lasagna every now and then but there are plenty of foods that out there in the world that even the biggest of the foodies haven’t tried yet. For example, there are hundreds of different types of meat out there that you might have come across or would’ve heard about them before but never got the chance to taste. Here is a list of top ten types of meat that you need to dry at least once in your lifetime! (Note: all of these meats are halal)


Once only native to the African subcontinent, the ostrich bird is the largest flightless bird on the planet and has been eaten by the natives for centuries. Now ostrich meat is beginning to sell all over the world because of its great taste and health benefits. This tasty meat is not only lower in calories as compared to chicken and turkey, but also has great Ph balance which repels bacteria like E.coli and salmonella.


Often seen as a pest that would poop on your car or you while taking a walk in the park, pigeons have adapted themselves according to the city atmosphere and can be seen around commonly. Very few people know that pigeon meat is not only rich in taste but also in vitamins and minerals that are great for the body. Known as the squab, pigeon meat was known to be a delicacy during the Victorian Era.


Known as “bater” in the Urdu language, quails have always been one of the most sought-after birds for their great taste. They have always been around the tables of Nobles and Lords of the Mughal and British Empires but in the modern times, very few people have actually ever tasted one. This little bird nesting bird belongs to the “old world quail” family and is found all over East Asia.


Even though ducks are roasted and eaten all over the world, very few people have had the privilege to taste one of these tasty creatures in Pakistan. There are hundreds of types of species that travel towards places like Pakistan and India from their native lands to enjoy a less harsh winter. The males are called drakes and the females are known as hens.


Many people would freak out by the very idea of eating such a cute creature, but it is, in fact, one of the tastiest animals that you can find if you are a wild meat enthusiast like me. Rabbit meat is loaded with protein: one serving of rabbit meat contains almost about 28 grams of protein, which is the higher content of protein as compared to beef and chicken. It is also rich in zinc, which is why it is considered an old herbal remedy for impotence and low libido in men.


Chinkara is a beautiful animal from the deer species which was almost hunted to extinction in the past few years, but thanks to conservation efforts, the species is making a comeback. There were many reasons behind its hunt: sportsmen would hunt it to use its hide and antlers as trophies and its meat was believed to have magical healing powers. But one of the main reasons was that its taste was truly awesome. Moreover, it has great protein and iron content, along with testosterone boosting tendencies which can influence greatly in terms of muscle building and low testosterone drive.

Rosy Starling

Also known as the rosy pastor, the rosy starling is a passerine bird from the starling family. This bird has a pinkish shade on its chest while its head, wings, and tail are dark black in color. It travels in huge flocks ranging up to a hundred sometimes and eats fruits and small insects. Once it was prohibited to hunt the rosy starling as it used to kill swarms of locusts and saved the crops from great deals of damage.


This beautiful bird is indeed a marvel, it has melodious sounds and the beauty of its colorful feathers is truly breathtaking. There are many species found in Pakistan, like the black francolin, grey partridge and the Arabian partridge, which is the national bird of Pakistan. Commonly known as ‘teetar”, partridges are one of the most sought-after birds of the game in the country for their delectable meat. Every year in hunting season, hunters are given limited quotas to hunt this beautiful creature to assure preservation of this magnificent species. Apart from being tasty, partridge meat is believed to have magical healing tendencies.


Although trout farming has seen some improvement in the recent times, very few people of Pakistan have actually seen one themselves. If you want to enjoy the true taste of the wild trout fish then you need to travel to the northern areas of Pakistan, mainly the white raging waters of river Kunhar where the very best kind of trout can be found. Many riverside eateries offer freshly caught trout to fish enthusiasts in the Kaghan and Naran region of the country.

Houbara Bustard

The Hubara Bustard is chicken-sized, rare and shy bird from the bustard family. It was once abundant in the deserts and plains of Pakistan but due to overhunting, it was brought to the brink of extinction. Even though hunting of the houbara bustard is banned in Pakistan, Arab Royals from all over the Arabian Peninsula travel each year to Pakistan to hunt this magnificent creature. But one thing is undeniable; the taste of its meat is truly one of a kind. Although there is no scientific approval of this fact, it is believed that the meat of the houbara bustard is a great remedy for improving sexual power as it known to have aphrodisiac tendencies.

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