We have all secretly wished for a secret potion like the one in the fairy tales that we would pour down our pie holes and it would give us a better-looking body overnight. But unfortunately, neither science nor magic has provided us with such a potion. However, Mother Nature has provided mankind with some great elements which when coupled with a good workout routine and a healthy lifestyle can help us achieve a toned body and slimmer tummy. Furthermore, Detox drinks also help you remove harmful toxins out of your body and the result is shinier skin, leaner body, and improved overall health. Here are five detoxifying drinks that you can prepare at your own place and enjoy their great health benefits.

1. Cucumber Lemon Water

Surely you would’ve seen this recipe before only because it works really great. This drink is great for a healthy skin as it soothes the skin from inside out by flushing out all the harmful toxins. High concentrations of Vitamin B-5 and pantothenic acids also help the skin maintain a healthy, shinier skin tone. Cucumber lemon water is easy to prepare, all you gotta do is fill a jug with almost two liters of water and add some diced cucumber, lemons, mint leaves with some grated ginger and let it sit for a couple of hours. Try to finish it in one day and make a fresh drink the next day for better results.

2. Strawberry Apple Water

This tasty Detox drink contains two healthy fruits, strawberry, and apples, both of these have great diuretic, purifying and anti-oxidation tendencies. Moreover, it is rich with vitamins A, C, E, and K along with iron and folic acid, plus it’s highly refreshing too! To make a strawberry apple water drink, fill a jug with water and add some sliced apples and strawberries in it along with some mint leaves and squeeze half a lemon in it. You can add cinnamon for extra freshness too!

3. Watermelon Water

Watermelon water is full of antioxidants and a great hydrant for the body. It is packed with amino acids, lycopene and vitamins like A, B6 and C. The preparation of watermelon water is just like other Detox drinks: two liters of water with half a watermelon that is cut into chunks. After adding the watermelon, let the solution sit there for a couple of hours.

4. Pineapple and Orange Water

This drink is as tasty at it sounds, along with some great benefits of oranges and pineapple. Pineapple and orange water helps prevent sugar and fat cravings, thiamine present in it boosts metabolism by converting carbs into energy. Slice a lemon in half and squeeze it in water and add the diced pineapples and oranges in it. Throw some mint leaves in it and let it stay there for a couple of hours, chill and enjoy!

5. Fennel Seeds Detox Drink

This drink is a bit different from the above drinks mentioned as it requires a bit more effort on your part, but the drink’s benefits are totally worth the effort! For the preparation, three glasses are to be boiled until the amount is reduced to two glasses. After that, pour in a tablespoon of fennel seeds, cover it and let the drink cool down. Consuming one glass of this drink in the daytime and one before bedtime would not only detoxify you but also reduce water retention while acting as a diuretic and reduces the risk of urinary tract infections. Fennel seeds also show diaphragmatic properties that stimulate perspiration.

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