Take care of your eyes as they are a blessing. Here is how to make sure that your eyes stay healthy and bright as you age further. People rely on the vision, that is provided naturally by our eyes. We rely on the moment we wake up from the bed till we turn off the lights to sleep. But are you really taking good care of your eyes? Here is what you must not be doing to your eyes to make sure your vision stays sharper and healthy as you grow older.

Sleeping with contact lenses

Do not even think about sleeping while wearing any type of contact lens. You will be depriving your own corneas of oxygen, and that can cause serious infection and boost bacteria for further growth. It is a fine way to take a small nap with your contact lenses, but it will be safe enough to take them as you are about to oversleep.

Touching and rubbing your eyes

Whenever your eyes itch and you need to rub them, it is best to keep the eyelid closed and only touch the outside of the eye. Rubbing hardly can also break the blood vessels and resulting in a cause of inflammation. Another reason to keep your hands off from your pretty eyes is that your eyes are guarded by mucous membranes, a moist tissue that can gather dirt and germs and cause the bacteria to grow in your eyes. Shaking someone else’s hands and then rubbing your eyes is a danger as you are going to transmit the germs and there will be a possibility to catch whatever type of germs he/she has got in their hands.

Staring at devices all day & night long

Electric screens such as tablets, cell phones tend to emit blue light, that is believed to be as harmful as the sun’s UV rays. Moreover, focusing on anything for hours on can end to eye strain and cause a headache as well. You need to take at least 20 minutes breaks time to time away from the screen, and then refocus on your work towards the screen. Even make an effort to blink properly while you are using such devices. You might never have heard of it before. We know that for sure.

Sleeping With your makeup On

Hitting for the nap or a good night's sleep without washing your face can do more damage than leaving mascara stains on your pillow. It can clog the glands around your eyes and will be an irritant to the skin, causing pain and raised bumps to appear around your eyelids. If you are sleeping with the makeup on your face and then trying to rub your face and eyes, that makeup can get into your cornea, ultimately leading to major inflammation.

Relying on redness-reducing drops

The biggest problem to your eyes is the overuse of redness-reducing eye drops such as curine. The type of drops we buy from medical stores consists of vasoconstrictors, that tend to shrink blood vessels and make your eye appear less red on a temporary basis. But, in fact, they consist of other chemicals that can cause a problem in the long run to your eyes. If your eyes are red or itchy on a constant basis, it is important to visit an eye specialist who can root out the major problem.

Not having an annual eye checkup

Vision changes are not the only most important reason you should visit an eye doctor for on a yearly basis, rather it is about to get your overall eye health checked out as your vision stays 20/20. There is a need to have an annual checkup to see if you have a broken blood vessel or any sort of tumor back there in the eyes, that might start to interrupt with your vision or even worsen the situation later on.

Hope you find this article informative. Want to add anything to it? Your comments are highly appreciated.

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