Even if you have valued your long thick hair for decades or years, still, there are certain hair washing mistakes you haven’t realized up till now that you are making them. Shampoo, rinse with water, applying conditioner. It seems a simple task, but if that is all that you have been doing, it means that you are disgusting your hair out of bounce, shine, and various great styling methods.

BetterRead shares with you the perfect tips on how you can have perfect luscious hairs.

Let us have a look at it:

Usage of the wrong shampoo

The wrong shampoo for your type of hair can strip you from moisturizers or even leave your fine hair with a weight on them. Instead of picking a shampoo that belongs to your hair type, opt for the one that matches your texture. If you have fine hair, you need a protein-rich and a lightweight shampoo. While coarse hair definitely urges for moisture and smoothing agents to make it look softer and managed. You need to ask your beautician to recommend a certain type of shampoo that suits perfectly according to your hair type.

Not Brushing your hair before you wash it

We are quite sure about the fact that you comb your hair after washing them, but have you ever thought about combing them before? You need to take a couple of minutes to brush your hair before shampooing them as it will prevent your hair from becoming a mess while taking a shower.

Your shampooing technique

You need to shampoo your hair from the top to downward position. Majority of the people apply the shampoo to the roots and rub it, and then apply the shampoo to the rest of the hair. That is actually a wrong method. Instead, you need to apply the shampoo to your scalp first and massage with the lather. Work the shampoo downwards the hair to the ends without applying additional shampoo on your hair as hair is mostly dirty from the roots and dry on the end, and this is the perfect technique to shampoo your dry ends.

Summing up your hair on top of your head

Piling up your hair on top of your head while washing them is going to create knots. Also, you need not play with your hair too much while shampooing them. Be gentle with your hair while applying and washing with the shampoo. Shampoo the hair locks in the natural posture by making them lay flat as it will leave your hair with a soft and smooth touch.

Your shampoo is too much toxic

If your shampoo consists of chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonia, synthetic fragrances, and bleach, then you are using a totally wrong shampoo, that will do more harm than good. These synthetic compounds can strip your hair from its natural oils, causing an itch in the scalp, thus, increasing the chances to develop split ends and hair fall. Choose the natural shampoo for your hair.

Using the conditioner right after shampooing

Using the conditioner too much is not the way to get the shiny and healthy hair. You need to condition your hair from the ends and then go with the product in the upward direction. And, if you have normal or oily hair, work the conditioner halfway up the hair strands and avoid the contact with the roots as this can put a weight on them. If you have dry or coarse hair, you need to apply the conditioner all the way up towards the roots.

Washing your hair too often

The washing of your hair totally depends on your hair type. If you have an oily hair, you may shampoo them on a daily basis as it soaks up excess oil and adds more volume to your hair. For normal hair type, you need to shampoo them for two to three times in a week. You need to create a balance between moisturizing your hair and cleaning them. If your hairs are damaged or dry, you need to shampoo them once in a week.

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