Yes, it is possible to de-stain anything if you are using a good cleanser and a proper washing machine. But what if you are not within the reach of any of the washing equipment at some point of time in life, or you don’t have enough time to cope up with the stubborn stains? So, how can you get rid of such dried stains from your favorite & precious clothes?

SooperChef has couple of quick solutions for the most terrible ever stains that will allow you to forget the stressful stain forever.

Grass Mud Stains

Every parent has the trouble to wash off the grass and dirt from their kids’ jeans. All you need it to mix 1 liter of water and 1 tablespoon of aqueous ammonia. Now, drench the stain with the solution and rub it with the sponge or a napkin.


A dried ink stain is surely not going to vanish even properly washed in a washing machine. You need to soak a cotton ball in a spirit and tap on the stain lightly. You could also use a mixture of aqueous ammonia and spirit 1:1 ratio. You will have to do the ultimate best to rub the stain.

Oil and fat

There are many ways to get rid of oil & fat stains and all of them works perfectly. If the stain is fresh and just arrived on your clothes, put it between two to three layers of paper towels. Now iron the piece of clothing and repeat the action if the stain is still there for you. If that doesn’t work out, make a mixture of pure spirit and gasoline. Apply this mixture to the cloth and then let it dry. Your stain will be removed.


Lipstick and makeup base prints are a real problematic issue for all girls. Luckily, you can remove them in an easy way. You need to put the piece of clothing stain down on a paper towel, and then rub it on the reverse side with a cotton pad soaked properly in the spirit. Do not forget to change the towels for an efficient result.

Nail polish

Fresh nail polish applied is an attack on your clothes and bed sheets with just one clumsy movement. The stain can be removed but you need to work hard on it again and again. Put the stained part of the clothing stain towards the downward direction onto the cotton fabric, now apply a cotton ball soaked with the spirit or acetone to the riverside of the stained cloth. Rub until the stain is removed properly. In order to remove the stain without leaving a trace, you will also have to soak your clothes in the hot water and rinse it properly.

Fruit & Juice

Soak a cotton pad with a regular table vinegar and drench the stained cloth. Then you need to rinse the piece of clothing in the cold water. Now, apply some salt to the fresh stain and it will absorb the excess moisture and the stain won’t spread. Then you need to hit the stain with the hot water.


While you accidentally cut your hand, you intentionally try to stop the blood from spilling it all over the place. So, what we do is to end up to put the cut finger into our mouth or wipe it on our clothes. Apply some aqueous ammonia to it and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, if the stain is still there, wash the piece of clothing with the soap.


We all love to have chocolate. It seems to be tasty and also improves the mood. But we don’t want to see chocolate stains on our clothes. If the stain is fresh, just cover and rinse it with salt. Now, sponge it with warm water. Old stains can be removed with 1.5% ammonia solution or a vinegar & spirit solution (1:1 ratio).


Not all the antiperspirants seem to be protecting the sweat stains from your clothes. You will be happy to know that sweat stains can easily be removed. You need to do is mix some dishwashing liquid 1 teaspoon with hydrogen peroxide 3-4 teaspoons and baking soda 2 teaspoons. Now apply this blend to the stain, wait a bit and then rinse it properly with water. You can also use vinegar and hot water to remove such stain.


Falling into the mud is a pretty awkward situation. And you will be happy to know that mud stains can be removed. All you need to do is put your piece of clothing into the warm water with white vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Wait for some time, and then swill the clothes in the warm water.

Hope you find this article informative. Do share your comments.

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