At SooperChef, we guide you to cook delectable recipes with a mouthwatering variety by watching our 1-minute instant cooking videos. Either they are Chinese Recipes, Continental Recipes, Other Recipes, we have got you covered by providing you the easiest way to be the SooperChef of your own kitchen. But, when it comes to providing you a healthy lifestyle, we also facilitate you by giving you ample of tips and tricks to battle various type of illnesses, diseases in by adopting natural methods. In this article, we are going to discuss non-stop itchy cough that disturbs you always. From catching the flu or cold to many allergies, there are various reasons to develop coughing. Here are the non-medicine and natural ways to help you stop this annoying itch known as coughing.

Take a shower

When a cough is annoying you real-bad, take an extra-long shower. To be in a hot shower is the ultimate proven best thing you can do tackle up with a bad cough. Stick yourself in the shower and let the hot steam soothe your breathing passages as it reduces the over-excitement in your throat that stimulates its cough hack. It isn’t a hard and fast rule that you need to apply about how long you have to stay in. Take your time and enjoy yourself in there. Step out and then dry off your body and hairs as your cough is gone up till now.

Brew up the bone broth or take a Soup

When you feel down while battling your cough and tackling it on your daily basis, sip on bone broth or try different type of delectable soup recipes as it is winter for now. You can make a bone broth easily and it will wipe this sickness. Add some garlic, lemon juice and turmeric and other ingredients as per your taste. One can easily make a soup out of bone broth and you can also add some veggies to it as per your taste.

Try this throat coat

An itchy, irritable throat that makes a cough need some lube to prevent tickles that lead to hacking fits of a cough. Take local honey and mix it with cinnamon, a bit of black pepper, turmeric, and powdered ginger. You don’t need to worry about the exact amount to be added. Just eyeball it while adding. Try taking half a teaspoon or one regular teaspoon of this mixture at a time, allowing it to provide a coat to your throat. Honey is considered to be the antiviral and antibacterial agent when it is in raw form, but a recent research has proven that it suppresses nighttime coughing in kids. The spices added in it also tends to shore up your immune system as well.

Catch some z's

Take some rest when a cough arrives as it will help you to get rid of this itchy problem. Sleep might be not a real herbal cure for a cough, but the basics are just as important as other healthy tips and tricks. Sleep aids the body to accomplish what needs to be done in terms of getting better and healthier.


Likewise, sipping an amount of water is a home remedy that you are constantly told by your mom when you are under the weather attack and start coughing. Staying hydrated is going to support your system’s ability to wipe out pathogens or viruses that may start getting into your body. Moreover, sipping a cup of tea or coffee with also be a soothing agent for your scratchy throat.

Knock back oregano oil

For times when you start getting a little tickle in your throat to cough and you start thinking that you are getting sick. Start using oregano oil. But, to make it sure, it is bitter and it burns. You need to apply one drop of this oil to each side of your tongue and let it trickle down to your throat. Initially, it will be itchy and disgusting in taste, but, believe me, it is going to suppress your cough ultimately. The herb is helpful to kill germs and boost our immune system to go after this particular area. Most of the users found this remedy a perfect treat for their cough.

Whip up another syrup

As the season just arrived that will take hold of flu and cough, stock yourself up on a couple of herbs. There are some good options that we are going to recommend: chamomile (it is an antispasmodic, that meant it is going to stop your cough reflexes), elderberry (it may have antiviral properties that you need to stop your cough) and ginseng (that will boost your body’s natural defenses against stressors that include several illnesses). Mix about a tablespoon of all these dry herbs into a tablespoon of raw honey and let it steep over low heat on the stove. Then stain the syrup via cheesecloth. You can take the liquid straight with a tablespoon for few time per day or you can also stir this natural herb syrup into a cup of tea.

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