The most sacred and the holiest ever month in the calendar of Muslims that ends up to almost thirty days, cherished by the most memorable moments of Eid ul Fitr. Muslims across the entire world are obliged to take part in this ritual fasting throughout the month by abstaining from eating and drinking any type of food or liquid items.Here is the best ever recipes to be prepared during the first week of Ramadan at the time of Iftaar to celebrate your hectic fasting for the tiresome hot summer days so that you can get your body refueled and energized by eating below delectable dishes that you can easily cook within the comfort of your homes.The holy month of Ramadan is about to begin from tomorrow on May, 17th 2018. It has been confirmed after the sighting of the new moon for the month of holy Ramadan.Let us have a look at the most vibrant and amazing recipes to try at home to make your first week of Ramadan rich in nutritional value and healthy for your body as well. 

1. Russian Salad Recipe

 Russian Salad recipe is one of the most delicious recipes that you can easily eat on both the times of Sehri and Iftaar. Russian salad was firstly originated in Russia, formerly known as the Soviet Union. The salad is a mix of sliced and boiled veggies, leafy greens, chopped fruits, cream or yogurt and an addition of mayonnaise makes the perfect delicious deal to be served to your family members to kickstart their Roza with a healthy Sehri or break the fast with the most energizing dish. Get the complete recipe here

2. Teriyaki Chicken Wings Recipe

 Chicken Teriyaki Wings recipe is a complete delight for kids in the home and is also loved among young ones and elders as well. This Japanese method of cooking Chicken wings with the mix of easily available ingredients that you can find in a nearby utility and grocery store will leave you speechless once the dish is prepared. Its sour and sweet taste of this special wings recipe makes it unique and phenomenal in taste that you will never forget and you will get easily indulged to eat more of it. Get the complete recipe here

3. Chicken Manchurian Recipe

 Chicken Manchurian Recipe is widely famous Chinese cuisine with its own unique and mouthwatering taste that you will easily get in love with this dish really quick as it pleases and melts in your mouth during your first bite. The recipe is made up with basic ingredients such as chicken pieces that are small and boneless in size, cooked in the tomato sausage and it makes a perfect combo with egg fried rice. Get the complete recipe here and do give a try during the first week of Iftaar. 

4. Chicken Cheese Paratha Recipe

 If you are running short of time during the preparation of Sehri and want to fill up the stomachs with some rich in flavor, nutritional value and health to keep yourself fully loaded for the rest of the day, then you must try making this complete vibrant recipe. All you need is to add chicken pieces and cheese inside the wheat dough and cook it like a simple paratha. Get the complete recipe here

5. Mango Lassi

 Mango Lassi is a pure desi drink that is a true blessing and act as a perfect energizer to boost your energy levels for the complete hectic day if you are going to take during the time of Sehri. All you need is the mix of sliced mangoes, yogurt, water, sugar as per your taste and ice cubes to chill it. It is best to be served during both times of the Roza. Get the complete energy booster recipe here


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