More than 380 million people in the world are suffering from a disease called diabetes. This ailment is a metabolic disorder and it has two types, precursor, and pre-diabetes. But among all these doom and despair news, there is a silver lining that eating healthy can help lower blood sugar and prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.
Here is a list of top ten foods that will help you control your blood sugar level and win the battle against this menacing disease.

1. Apples

An apple a day keeps diabetes away! Apples are one of the most beneficial fruits you can get your hands on. For a diabetic person, an apple-rich diet is something that should not be overlooked. Apples are naturally low in calories yet full of iron which helps your body battle bad cholesterol and blunts blood sugar swings.

2. Carrots

Carrots contain extremely low amounts of sugar and they are one of Mother Nature’s best sources of beta-carotene. This compound is linked to a lowered risk of diabetes and also improved blood-sugar control.

3. Eggs

Eggs are the most inexpensive sources of gold-standard animal protein and they can be prepared in a number of ways using little skill for preparation. This magic food is not only rich in protein which helps fight diabetes but also helps the body in dealing with hunger and cravings by keeping you full.

4. Beef

Since a high-protein diet is diabetic friendly, how can we forget the food with the largest of protein count? Yes, we are talking about the tasty lean beef. The high content of protein in beef also keeps the body’s metabolism high and prevents muscle loss while losing weight. Fat-free beef cuts like eye of round, tenderloin and ground round are good for people battling diabetic related problems.

5. Berries

Berries are the nature’s version of candy. Apart from being extremely tasty, they are also rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber. Scientists and doctors consider red and blueberries a good source of anthocyanins which help lower blood sugar by boosting insulin production.

6. Fish

A study from Harvard School of Public Health, the single deadliest of the complications that you might face while having diabetes is the risk of having a heart disease. Having fish only once a week can decrease that risk up to 40%, as the fatty acids in fish reduce inflammation in the body which is a major contributor to coronary diseases along with insulin resistance and diabetes.

7. Seeds

Seeds like flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds are full of protein, good fats, and fiber that work together in keeping blood sugar low and staving off heart diseases. They also contain naturally occurring sterols which help the body with lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body.

8. Nuts

Nuts are often called “slow burning foods” because of their high fiber and protein content and are friendly for blood sugar related problems. They are full of healthy mono-saturated fat that is helpful for the body.

9. Barley

Barley in comparison to white rice can help reduce the rise of blood sugar after a meal by 70%, thus keeping the body’s blood sugar steady for hours to come. This happens mainly because of the soluble fiber content of barley mixed with a couple of other compounds that slow down the absorption and digestion of carbohydrates dramatically.

10. Olive oil

Olive oil is the food that scientists call “liquid gold” and link it to aspirin because of its high anti-inflammatory tendencies. Unlike butter, the good fats of olive oil don’t increase insulin resistance and help in reversing it. A meal with a touch of olive oil also reduces the risk of glucose spikes in the body.


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