If you are one of the folks who doesn’t like the chilly winter season then there is a silver lining for you, spring is right around the corner. Yes, soon there will be colorful flowers blooming all around us with all kinds of birds chirping with joy. In short, it would be the best season to have picnics and backyard parties with your friends and family. One thing you can add to this beautiful weather to make it even lovelier is some tasty and fresh salad. Salads are great as they are easy to prepare and very healthy to eat, especially for diet conscious people who have a taste for crunchy veggies and for people who are watching the calories they eat. Following are the top six salad recipes by sooperchef that you can make this spring season, and add more pleasure and joy.

1. Coleslaw

This salad recipe is one of the easiest ones to prepare and the best choice to serve as a starter with bbq items such as kebabs and steaks at bbq parties. Coleslaw is can be made with easily available vegetables like carrots and cabbage and mayonnaise is used as the main salad dressing. It is one of the most popular salads eaten in the United States of America. Having a low-calorie count, this salad is a great recipe for folks looking to drop fat and weight.

2. Chicken Macaroni Salad

The Chicken Macaroni Salad is a popular type of pasta salads that are usually made with the incorporation of boiled elbow macaroni, diced chicken pieces and lots of mayonnaise. Apart from that, cubed onions, celery, sweet and sour pickles, jalapenos, olives are also used while salt and pepper are used for seasoning purposes. It is frequently served as an entrée or starter along with popular fast food and picnic style dishes like fried chicken, grilled burgers and bbq dishes. Although having hundreds of variants of the Chicken Macaroni Salad around the world, the general preparation of the recipe and ingredients is pretty much the same everywhere. In some places like Australia and New Zealand, it goes by the name of pasta salad because it is prepared with cooked shell pasta pieces. Click here to find the complete recipe.

3. Pakistani Cucumber Salad

This is arguably the most eaten salad in Pakistan and India. Economic and easy to prepare, the Pakistani cucumber salad takes nothing more than some tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers to prepare. All you need to do is slice all the vegetables and sprinkle them with salt and pepper. It is great for serving alongside different Pakistani and Indian recipes like daal chawal and even meat-based recipes. Apart from salt and pepper, you can also use chaat masala to add some spice to the recipe.

4. Russian Salad

Unlike all the other salad recipes in this article, this is the only salad which will help you put on weight, rather than losing it. Also known as the Olivier salad, this greatly popular salad recipe of Pakistan is originally from the cold home of the Soviet army, Russia. Although eaten as a starter, the Russian salad recipe is rich in carbohydrates and calories and can be eaten as a meal. This heavy salad is prepared with lots of vegetables and fruits including finely diced boiled potatoes, sliced cabbage, apples, carrots, peas, raisins, walnuts, yogurt, black pepper, cream, and then topped with lots of mayonnaise. You can find the complete recipe here.

5. Yogurt Salad

A lesser-known salad recipe of Pakistan, the yogurt salad is by no means any less tasty then any of its counterparts on the article. The yogurt salad is the best recipe for the folks who love raita with rice recipes like pulao. It is made with cubed vegetables including carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, shelled peas and beans but you can add anything you want to. Seasoned with black pepper and salt, this perfect amalgamation is a salad and raita all in one.

6. Greek Salad

Let’s end our list with an original from Greece, the healthy Greek salad. This is arguably one of the healthiest salad recipes on our list as it is low in calories and prepared with a healthy dose of vegetables that promote health and ensure weight loss. For preparation, small pieces of tomatoes, sliced Cucumbers, onions, Cheese, and olives are seasoned with salt, black pepper, parsley and oregano and topped with olive oil which amplifies its taste as well as health benefits. Find the complete recipe here.

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