An irritated stomach, upsetting sensations, inflammation, and annoyance, especially in the summer days or nights: we have all been there every now and then. The heating up of the stomach is the problem that takes place with due to reasons like overeating, late-night suppers, and indulging in hot and spicy foods like fast food and alcohol. Basically, this excessive heat is there in the first place because of a more than usual faster digestive process. It can be triggered by medication, ulcers or even a sedentary lifestyle. It should be taken care of as soon as possible or it can wreak havoc on our stomachs and the digestive fluids inside. The largest online food and cooking network of Pakistan: has listed the top six foods that will help you provide relief against a heated stomach.

1. Yogurt

While many dairy products can be a tad difficult when it comes to digestion, plain yogurt is one of the very best when curing a heated stomach. The active cultures present in plain yogurt help boost the good bacteria of the gut and aid in better digestion by helping the release of heat from the body. Buttermilk and thandai are also great dairy products for relief against stomach heat.

2. Cold milk

Speaking of dairy products, cold milk can help cool down the heat of the gut by lowering the acidity and its soothing properties will help in the eradication of irritation caused by the stomach heat. A glass of raw or cold milk in the summers is a great remedy to ensure a happy stomach.

3. Boiled rice

Boiled rice is another food that comes to the rescue when you have a heated gut, by cooling it and increasing the water content. This extra hydration eases the stomach but make sure you are eating bland white boiled rice and not adding any spices or herbs to it.

4. Herbs

There are a certain amount of herbs that have a cooling effect on the body like peppermint and chamomile. Thanks to their cooling properties, a cup of peppermint tea can ensure the relief from the excessive heat and increased acid levels of the stomach. A mint margarita recipe awaits your tummy, try it here.

5. Hydrating foods

In the case of a stomach heat attack, be sure to grab some water-rich foods like apples, cucumbers, and watermelons as their high water content will help the digestive system cool down and ensure its proper functioning. During a stomach heat period, avoid any citrus fruits like oranges as they tend to increase the acids of the gut and contribute to the rising temperature levels in the stomach.

6. Lots of water

You are already aware by now that more water means a better and stable stomach so drinking lots of water on a heated stomach will provide instant relief by flushing out the toxins through urine that are prepared by the excessive heat and ensure a stable and happy digestive more: Top 7 Foods to Eat On an Upset Stomach


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