This tempting collection of selected dessert recipes was chosen for you by our regular viewers. They are so mouthwatering that you will definitely indulge to eat your desserts at first sight, even before your meals. In our opinion, no meal is complete without a pint of dessert or a tasty bite of the sweet dish. Whether you are in the mood of Bread Gulab Jamun, Lab-e-Shireen, Special Rainbow Cake, or anything else. SooperChef has got a wide collection of dessert recipes that have a sweet delight for any occasion from weekend meals to holiday festivities. Our best desserts have a solution for hurried makings like quick cookies or our easy 1-minute instant video will make you cook a sweet dessert within thirty minutes of your time. And, we also do have our best dessert recipes to impress your next dinner party guest like a bunch of delectable Cake Recipes. Don’t worry, either you are craving for some chocolate filled recipes or trying to mix fruits in your desserts, we got you covered at every step. Now, you just need to make sure that you leave enough room in your stomach for a small amount of dessert to taste.

Here are top five sweetest ever sweet dishes that are most liked and recommended by our beloved fans.


Lab-e-Shireen is an ultimate joy of creamy, milky, tasty and sweet dish recipe. This delectable dish is widely acceptable and enjoyed all across the country and foodies just love its taste and we are sure that it will leave a great delight after your lunch or dinner. The recipe is as simple to make it at home easily by following this 1-minute instant cooking video. This sweetie dish contains an assortment of flavored vermicelli that is colored, vanilla powder, dry fruits such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts, nuts, and raisins. Get the complete recipe both in English and Urdu here.

Rainbow Cake

If you want to leave a great impression of your cooking skills to your guests at a home dinner, try making this easiest rainbow cake. Its colorful delight leaves an eye-catching, amazing and tasty experience. This recipe has been a pure delight from the kitchen of SooperChef. Cakes have been there for a long span of time, baked or unbaked, all the categories are available here at SooperChef. It is one of the easiest recipes to make it in your kitchen without the requirement of any hectic effort. The ingredients used in this recipe are edible colors, butter, flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda, etc. The top of the cake is garnished with fruit icing such as nuts, chocolate, cherries etc. You can get this easiest and complete recipe both in English and Urdu here.

Bread Gulab Jamun

This mouthwatering and Pakistani delight has been a major viral recipe of SooperChef up till now and the count goes on and on. It is one of the easiest recipes that can be easily prepared within 20 minutes of your time at home and we are sure that every family member will indulge in its mouthwatering taste. The recipe consists of Bread, Khoya, Flour, Sugar, Cardamoms, baking powder and egg and it is so easy to make that you are surely going to give a try today. Get the complete recipe of Bread Gulab Jamun here or you can watch this juicy flavored Pakistani delight while watching this 1-minute instant video.

Nan Khatai

If you want to treat your kids with cookies and searching for some crumbly and sweet recipe, then you have come to the right place. Nan Khatai biscuits by SooperChef is one of the most beloved and nationally accepted cookies of Pakistan that has a popular vibe all across the country. The ingredients used to make these cookies are flour, honey, sugar, baking powder and butter with a little effort of cooking in your kitchen. It is also an easy recipe to be made and served that will surely be loved by the whole family, especially kids will go crazy with this one. Get the complete recipe here.

Akhroti Halwa

Winter season is here and how can we forget to treat you with a special delicacy to keep you warm and a spoonful of this recipe will drive the foodies with a treat of joy. It is considered to be a hot serving dish, mainly for festivals, but you can make it for your family whenever you feel to give them a wholesome treat at nighttime. Walnut Halwa is a sweet dish that can easily get prepared with ample of benefits as it contains rich amounts of anti-oxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids that is just perfect for your brain. You can make this recipe within half an hour of your time. Get the complete recipe both in English and Urdu of Akhroti Halwa here and try this one for your family. We are sure that you will be highly complimented after giving this bowl of treat to your beloved ones. ?

You can also find a wide range of Dessert Recipes, Pakistani Recipes and Other Recipes here at SooperChef.

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