Sehri is the most important meal of the day during the holy month of Ramadan, and when Ramadan is in the middle of the scorching summer, it is essential to eat the right foods in the right amount to have a healthy fast that could last for over 14 hours. Similarly, there are a number of foods out there that are healthy on their own but should not be eaten in sehri as they can cause severe adverse effects on the body including dehydration, lethargy and even weakness. has listed the top five foods you should avoid in sehri.

White Flour

The problem with white flour (generally used for baking white bread, croissants, cakes, donuts etc) is that it is refined and the energy obtained from foods prepared with white flour doesn’t last long. so during sehri, it is better to avoid foods like pasta, white bread and other items that contain white flour. Brown bread or oatmeal can be a great replacement and eaten as a cereal while being topped with your favorite fruits and nuts like strawberries and walnuts etc. Brown bread and oatmeal have high dietary fiber content and are light on the stomach.

Oily foods

Oily and greasy foods such as fast food items have become a norm for sehri these days but the problem with them is that they are loaded with oil and sodium that dehydrates the body and make you feel lethargic and weak. This is why deep-fried foods are to be avoided when dealing with sehri. Furthermore, homemade sehri items like eggs and parathas should be taken care of and a minimum amount of oil should be used for the process.

Caffeinated drinks

As hard as it may sound, it is better that we bid farewell to our beloved cups of tea and coffee, at least for the month of the Ramadan if we want a healthy fasting period during the day. Caffeine has a diuretic effect on the body and it drains all the water out in the form of urine, making you feel restless and thirsty for the rest of the day.

Fruit juices

Although fruit juices sound like a good choice for sehri but commercially packaged fruit juices should be avoided at all costs as they are nothing more than a load of sugar and artificial flavors. Natural fruit juices should be avoided as well as they are not a healthy substitute for fruits. Juicing the fruits take out all the dietary fiber that can cause improper digestion later in the day. Smoothies, lassi and fruit blends such as watermelon juice as a whole are a very good choice though.

Processed foods

In the rush hours of sehri, many people are prone to eating quick microwave meals and processed ready to cook meals like meat and sausages, as they are effortless to prepare. But processed meals and frozen meat cuts are deficient of nutrients present in the fresher variants, and they are loaded with unhealthy trans fats that can lead to severe health issues like obesity, high cholesterol and ultimately heart risks like arrests and strokes.Read more: Top Seven Foods That Help You Get Rid Of the Post-Iftar Lazy Feeling


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