Are you in a search to make some tempting homemade drinks to quench your thirst during hot summer weather? Or, are you looking for healthy summer drinks that are quick and easy to be prepared at home? You have come to the right place as SooperChef is going to provide you with the complete information about the healthy, refreshing and most energizing drinks that will keep you hydrated and motivated throughout the day.

List of Top Top 6 Healthy Summer Drinks by SooperChef


This refreshing drink quenches your thirst in such a hot environment of summer season as the temperature is beginning to rise constantly. Almond Drink best known as Badam Ka Sharbat in Urdu is nutritious and energizing as well during this hot summer season. Get the complete recipe for making this instant drink here.

Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat

This tangy juice is prepared with the basic ingredients at can easily be made within your own kitchen. You need tamarind and dried plums for making this drink. Just soak them in the water overnight and add some sugar to it and your drink is ready to be served. Get the complete recipe for this drink here.

Watermelon Juice

This perfect juice is a great source to stay hydrated throughout the day. As the climate is heating up all of a sudden, one glass of this juicy drink is going to provide you with an instant boost of energy. You can watch the one-minute instant video to prepare this juice. Get the complete recipe for this drink here.

Mango Lassi

Mango lassi is a complete mix of yogurt and mangoes. It is such a nutritious and wholesome package of energy boosting drink that will make you feel energized on an instant basis. The blend of yogurt and mangoes are unique. Get the complete recipe to make this delectable drink here.

Falsa Juice

Falsa Juice is a true delight among Pakistanis and the drink is loved across the nation. The recipe is simple to make. All you need is some water, falsas and regular amount of sugar. Blend it together and your energy drink is ready to please your taste buds. We assure you that you won’t be feeling way too thirsty after having a glass of this delectable drink for a couple of hours. Get the complete recipe for this sweet and sour drink here.

Mint Margarita

Mint makes you go cool with your nerves and body on an instant basis and this drink named mint margarita is an extract of lime juice, salt, mint, and some water, blended together with ice cubes and your chilly summer drink is ready to be served. This instant drink gives you a flavor of mint, spiced up with lemon juice and salt to make a perfect combo. This simple drink has a unique and a powerful flavor that no one wants to avoid. The best way to make it by watching this 1-minute instant video here.


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