Kofta can be considered within the family of meatball or meatloaf dishes easily found in South Asian cuisines. Koftas are basically ball-shaped minced or grounded meat of chicken, mutton, lamb or beef that are mixed with wide range of spices and onions. In Pakistan, there are vegetarian varieties and other famous forms of Kofta recipes that are made all across the nation, in restaurants, outside eateries and also served at home.SooperChef brings you top 5 kofta recipes that will make you feel go hungry due to its rich flavor and texture.Here is the list of delectable kofta recipes:

Kofta Palak Recipe

SooperChef brings you the ultimate treat of Kofta Palak for the foodies to enjoy it at home. This innovative recipe of kofta palak by sooperchef is cooked with the addition of palak into koftas. Check this 1-minute instant video and learn how to make this scrumptious and delectable recipe at home. The recipe is so simple to make and the ingredients along with the cooking method are available both in English & Urdu language for you. We are sure that this treat for dinner will be loved by your family. So, do give it a sure shot try on this weekend. Get the complete recipe here.

Nargisi Kofta Recipe

This one recipe of Nargisi Kofta prepared by SooperChef for you to give it a try is made within a simplified method of encasing a hard-boiled egg within the spicy kofta covering. The recipe is so famous all across the country and is going to leave you delightful after having it for lunch or dinner. Nargisi koftas can be cooked or fried in a regular way and for sure, it is going to spice your taste buds as it has got the flavor of its own. The dish is loaded with proteins and loved by young ones, kids and elders as well. Check the complete recipe along with ingredients and the method to cook here.

Cheese Kofta Curry

The recipe of Chicken Cheese Kofta Curry is exceptional and so mouthwatering as the flavor of cheese over koftas is going to make an overwhelming taste of this dish. The dish can be served with boiled rice, roti or naan and the addition of raita and salad makes a perfect combo for this recipe. Get the complete recipe along with the ingredients here.

Kofta Biryani Recipe

One could have never imagined about adding koftas into biryani, but, surprisingly, this is possible as the chefs of SooperChef brings you the ultimate mouthwatering dish named as kofta biryani to its audience. The name of the dish itself speaks about the recipe and it is so easy to be cooked at home and it would be a treat for your family that is going to make an everlasting impact on your cooking skills. Get the complete recipe here.

Chicken Kofta Curry Recipe

Chicken kofta recipe is a pure Pakistani recipe cooked in almost every home across the nation. The recipe is made by rolling minced meat of chicken, forming small balls and then cooked within a thick gravy of different spices. Koftas are known as the desi counterpart of western meatballs but, believe me, koftas are way too spicier and tasty due to its mouthwatering and appealing addition of spices that are full of different flavors. Get the complete recipe here.SooperChef is the largest and well-known digital Food network of Pakistan, loved by the foodies all across the nation. There is a wide range of Pakistani, Chinese, Continental, Sweets & Desserts and Other recipes available for free here. You can watch the 1-minute instant cooking video and learn how to cook delectable and mouthwatering recipes on a daily basis. SooperChef is available both on Android & iOS. Download the app and get the best of the cooking recipes that are so easy to make as this platform has brought the comfort to learn how to cook scrumptious and delicious dishes for free.

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