Rich and enticing in flavor, curry masala recipes by SooperChef can seem like delectable dishes to be made at the comfort of your own home. It may be meaty or veggie-packed hot and spicy, or mild and creamy in taste, this one of the largest Digital Food Network has got your served with easiest-ever recipes to ensure you with a mouthwatering taste and tremendous results.Curry is the ultimate delicious & comfort food and with the recipes from across the nation, there is a lot of it that is going to suit every palate. You don’t need that much time to grind, combine or toast spices, as SooperChef provide you with 1-minute instant cooking video along with the complete method, ingredients, and instructions, both in English & Urdu language to cater your food needs. Chill out, we have got lunch, breakfast or dinner sorted with a wide range of recipes to feed your family with.Let us talk about top 5 curry masala recipes brought to you by SooperChef:

Punjabi Mutton Curry Masala Recipe

Punjabi mutton curry is one of the most popular Pakistani recipes with a pleasing and creamy taste and a strong beautiful aroma. Majority of its variants are prepared with the usage of chicken, mutton, beef or even shrimps but this one curry masala recipe tops them all. This dish is served at parties and famous in the festive seasons especially. Get the complete recipe along with ingredients and method here.

Chicken Reshmi Curry Recipe

Chicken Reshmi Curry is a really tasty dish and belongs to the desi Pakistani recipe list. It hardly takes fifteen to twenty minutes to get prepared with this appetizing dish. No doubt, it is one of the easiest recipes to be prepared at home. This perfect blend of chicken reshmi curry recipe is going to satisfy your hunger cravings for the lunch or a dinner. The dish has got a crispy yet creamy aroma that is going to please your taste buds. Get the complete recipe here.

Chicken Kofta Curry Recipe

This one unique recipe is loved by the foodies all across the nation and we are sure that you won’t be able to resist in front of this dish. The recipe is a complete desi one prepared by rolling minced chicken meat into small size balls and then cooked well within a thick gravy. It has got a pleasing taste of its own kind. You can serve this dish with Roti, Naan, Raita, and Salad. Get the complete recipe here.

Chicken Coconut Curry Recipe

This dish has got a wholesome flavor blended with each flavor of its ingredients. Chicken coconut curry recipe is prepared with the addition of ginger and garlic paste and the chicken is added to be cooked with spices. The main ingredients that make it flavor more appealing are the addition of coconut milk and powder among with almond, cashew, pistachio, cream, and yogurt paste allowed to cook with the chicken and other spices. You can easily prepare this one at home by watching the 1-minute instant video. Get the complete recipe here.

Fish Curry Recipe

Fish curry recipe is a dish with the Chinese and Indian origin, loved and eaten all across the nation. Fish is one of the preferable dishes of this continent and curry gives it an enhancing taste, making it more delicious than ever. Get yourself engaged with this dish and it is going to make an everlasting impact on your family about your cooking skills. Get the complete recipe here.You can download SooperChef both available on Android & iOS for free and learn how to make delectable dishes by watching 1-minute instant videos within the comfort of your home.

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