Muslims across the globe, especially in Pakistan look forward to the holy Month of Ramadan 2018, a particular time that lies within the Islamic calendar that not only abstain one from drinking and eating from sunrise to sunset but also tends to reflect and refocus their spirituality. For almost thirty days, we as a Muslim wake up before the sunrise for the preparation of Sehri and to offer the first prayer of the day, and the fast continues until sunset.In the summer season, it becomes unbearable to resist the heat as it is the most challenging time of the year to fast in the Month of Ramadan. The days are sunny and long with a hot weather as well. As it is an obligation to fast in the month of Ramadan, it is also important to take notice of what and when you eat. There are a couple of Iftaar recipes to prepare for breaking your fast at the time of Iftar, once the sunsets, and also there are some cooking recipes that you can prepare at the time of Suhoor, as you wake up to get ready for preparing your fast. Here is the list of top ten Pakistani Ramadan recipes for 2018 on SooperChef that will fill your appetite and energize your body with its richness in nutritional value: 

Aloo Ka Paratha Recipe

 Sehri cooking recipes must be a full dose of energy as you need to maintain your fast for a hectic long day. Aloo Ka Paratha recipe is going to serve you at its best when you think of preparing it for the time of Sehri. The dish is quite popular all across the nation and is eaten at the time of breakfast. The dish is usually made with the help of dough made out of wheat flour and filled with boiled mashed potatoes and some commonly used spices that are stuffed inside the paratha. The paratha is then further rolled and cooked over a hot metal pan, commonly known as tawwa with the help of cooking oil or ghee. It makes a perfect combination when eaten with yogurt, pickle, or chutney. Get the complete recipe here

Spanish Omelet

 This omelet is very unique and instant to make at the time of Sehri. So, if you are running short of time, do give a try to this special and delectable in taste omelet. The ingredients used to make Spanish omelet are eggs, potatoes, garlic, olives, and you can add mushrooms as well with basic spices such as chili pepper and salt. Other important ingredients to be added are sliced tomatoes, white pepper powder, and chopped green capsicum. Blend the ingredients in the eggs and fry it in the olive oil to get a perfect taste. Get the complete recipe here

Mango Lassi Recipe

 This unique Lassi recipe is famous across the Punjab region and also loved all across the country as well. All you need is raw yogurt, sliced mangoes, water, sugar and crushed ice altogether added in the blender to make this delectable creamy Mango Lassi. It is going to give an everlasting energy boost that is going to last for a very long span of time during your entire Roza. Get the complete recipe here.

Chicken Cheese Omelet Recipe

 This mouthwatering in taste and rich in cheese flavor omelet is going to curb your hunger cravings quite well during the rest of tiring day if eaten with a paratha. The recipe is so simple and instant to be made that it only requires eggs, basic spices and boiled minced chicken, cheese, mixed together and fried to make a cheese omelet. You can make this delicious recipe within five minutes of your time and it is a perfect fit for Sehri if you are running short of time. All you need to do is make an omelet and mix it in the cheese layers. Get the complete recipe here

Garlic Naan Recipe

 Garlic Naan Recipe is unique of its own kind. Its delectable and compelling in taste that is surely going to please your taste buds at its best. As the name depicts the content of the recipe that it is a type of naan mixed with the taste of garlic in it. Naan is quite famous and eaten all across the nation, but this unique recipe of Naan must be tried during your Sehri this Ramadan. This recipe is going to keep your stomach filled for a long time during your Roza routine. Get the complete recipe here

Bohri Kabab Recipe

 This unique recipe is prepared with the help of meat that is either mutton, chicken or beef and then properly chopped and minced in a complete manner. The round balls are formed by rolling the minced meat. The addition of beaten eggs, chili powder, and green chopped chilies are also added to the mix. When these round shaped kababs are ready and formed into the round balls size, bread crumbs form a layer and serves as a coating for the kabab. You can shape the kababs as per your desire. The kababs are deep fried in the cooking oil afterward. It makes a perfect combo when served with raita, sausages or fried rice. Get the complete recipe of Bohri Kabab here

Bread Roll Recipe

 A bread roll recipe is a perfect appetizer or a snack at the time of Iftaar. It is served as a main course meal accompaniment. This one delectable recipe of Bread Roll by SooperChef is so easy to make at the time of Iftaar. All you need is to have a filling of minced meat, veggies, cheese filled in between the two halves of a bread to make it look like a sandwich. Try the delectable bread roll recipe for your Iftaar. Get the complete recipe here

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

 Smoothies is a perfect serving and energizing drink that makes you revitalize your energy levels at the time of Iftaar. Basically, smoothie drink is cold, tasty and thick drink that is usually prepared with a blend of different fruits. Other ingredients that are added in the smoothies are yogurt, honey as a sweetener, milk, and sometimes cheese to give it more nutritional value. All you need to make this perfect smoothie is sliced strawberries, chopped bananas, honey, yogurt, milk, and crushed ice. Blend it together and make a perfect smoothie out of it. Get the complete recipe here

Mutton Ginger Recipe

 This desi gravy recipe can be served as a main course meal for the time of Iftaar. It is best served with naan, roti, raita and salad. The mutton recipes are the most eaten dishes all across the nation. Mutton meat consists of usually lamb or goat meat and it is rich in flavor and taste. This unique recipe is a mix of mutton and ginger that gives a pure different and mouthwatering taste. Do give a try to this tasty meal for the time of Iftaar during this Ramadan. Watch the 1-minute instant cooking video of Mutton Ginger recipe here

Chicken Vegetable Pakora Recipe

 Iftaar sounds incomplete without pakoras and this Chicken Vegetable Pakora recipe is going to serve you right as a perfect snack to be eaten at the time of Iftaar. The recipe is prepared with sliced or chopped potatoes, chicken meat that is minced or chopped and mixed together with the basic spices such as gram flour, red chili peppers, coriander, baking soda, corn flour, turmeric powder etc. Get the delicious and mouthwatering recipe offered to you by SooperChef by watching the one-minute instant cooking video here


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