Create the perfect menu for this complete day of joy known to be as the Mother’s Day with the recipes offered by SooperChef for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. You are going to love the delectable cooking recipes available here that are unique in their own taste and you can also serve her sweet tooth with the most mouthwatering category of Sweets & Desserts Recipes provided to you by your own cooking companion, “SooperChef”.Let us have a look at top ten Mothers Day Recipes that are offered to you by

Rainbow Cake

 This one unique recipe is the tastiest, vibrant and colorful recipe of its kind that is brought to you by SooperChef. This multicolored rainbow cake is surely going to please the taste buds of your mom for this Mother’s Day 2018 as seven colors of the rainbow are summed up in the preparation of this delightful recipe. Get the complete recipe here and bake it within the comfort of your kitchen.

Navratan Pulao

 The word Navratan is derived from old Sanskrit language that is precisely meant as ‘nav’ meaning nine and ‘ratan’ known to be gems. This rice recipe is so rich and mouthwatering in taste due to multiple nutritious ingredients that are used to cook the pulao recipe. You can serve it at the time of lunch for the lady of the house. Get the complete recipe here.

No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake

 This cake is so simple to make at your home as it requires no baking at all. It is surely going to serve right and please the sweet tooth of your mom. This ultimate dessert can be served after the dinner for having something sweet to memorize for this Mother’s Day. Get the complete recipe here.

Mutton Pulao Recipe

 The most aromatic and flavorsome dish to be prepared for the lunchtime is Mutton Pulao Recipe, served by SooperChef. This rich in taste rice or pulao recipe is popular all across the country and eaten almost in every home. But, it has got many variants, depending upon regional basis. Get the best of Mutton Pulao Recipe that SooperChef has to offer for you here.

Kulfi Recipe

 As the hottest season of summer is on it full swings these days, the heat is totally irresistible for all of us living in Pakistan. To enjoy something cool and mesmerizing is going to give you an immense pleasure of taste. This kulfi recipe can be easily made at home. Check out the delicious variants of strawberry and Badami kulfi here.

Kastoori Boti Recipe


This BBQ recipe can be easily made at the time of serving dinner. It is going to leave an everlasting impact due to its creamy, spicy and tangling taste. It may serve in the best manner as an appetizer or starter for the awesome dinner and is going to keep you full with the stomach as well. Get the complete recipe of Kastoori Boti here.

Rasmalai Recipe

 There is a wide range of mouthwatering and sweet mothers day recipes covered by SooperChef, but, this traditional and desi sweet recipe of Rasmalai is hugely popular all across the nation due to its creamy and cool taste. You can easily make this recipe to be served at any time of this memorable day by watching 1-minute instant cooking video here.

Peanuts Bar

 If you are in a search to cook some snacks for your mom to be served at any time of the day, then this sweet recipe has got you covered. Try making peanuts bar. The recipe is simple and the method can easily be followed by watching this instant video. Get the complete recipe of Peanuts Bar here.

Gulab Jamun Recipe

 Gulab Jamuns are one of the most popular sweets eaten and loved by the whole nation due to its rich texture and creamy taste. You can prepare this recipe for your mom on this big occasion and treat her in a pleasant manner. Serve it after the lunchtime and she is going to remember that forever. Get the complete special Mothers Day recipe of Gulab Jamun here.

Zarda Recipe

 Zarda has been eaten for a long time in the Indian subcontinent and this enticing rice recipe is a real sweetener in its taste. The dish is nutritious and best to be served at lunch or dinner time as it contains plenty of ingredients while making it. Bright yellow or an orange color is added to give this dish a unique presentation with the garnishing of dry fruits. Get the complete recipe here.


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