Every lady on this planet possesses a natural charm and beauty that help her look appealing no matter what. True beauty doesn’t require you to put up tons of makeover to be appreciated and lauded among others. To create the perfect outlook that keeps others jaw-dropping and being appreciated among your peers and friends, all you need is add a couple of useful tips to yourself for the everyday magic to look more inspirational and charming.

Today at BetterRead we are going to offer you some handy tips and tricks on how to make yourself more attractive while saving your money and time!

Improve facial color

Use chamomile tea to make your facial skin look healthier than ever. All you need is one tablespoon of pharmacy chamomile, add it to one glass of hot water and now leave it to brew in a thermos for almost thirty minutes. Then, strain that drink via a sieve and cool it down in a slight manner. Finally, add one teaspoon of raw honey into it. Drink it regularly in small sips every single day before doing breakfast for almost two weeks.

Make Your eyelashes look thicker and longer

This is one of the most effective ways to nourish your eyelashes that requires a homemade oil mixture. Take equal amount of almond, sesame, castor, burdock oils and Vitamin E. Mix all the ingredients in a jar or a bottle. When the mixture is ready, apply it slightly to your dry eyelashes and leave them overnight. You need to continue this for almost two weeks for a visible and noticeable effect.

Get rid of Split Ends and brittle hairs

When your hair needs an immediate rescue, all you need is an easy to make homemade mask. Whisk a single egg yolk in half glass of natural yogurt in a bowl. Now, add one tablespoon of castor oil in it. Add one tablespoon of coconut oil to the mixture. Finally, add one tbsp. each of avocado or jojoba oil into it. Stir all the ingredients in a thorough manner. When the mixture is ready, apply it gently to your wet hairs, then cover your hairs with a polyethylene cap. Leave the mask over your hairs for half an hour. After that, wash your hairs thoroughly and see the magic.

Nourishing your hands

To make the skin of your hands look softer with a soothing velvet touch, take a minute quantity of hand cream and mix it with a corresponding amount of vinegar in it. Now, all you need to do is apply the homemade ointment before bedtime for almost two weeks and see the visible change.

Make your hair look shiny

You need one peeled banana and put it in your blender and now add one tablespoon of olive oil into it. Whisk the ingredients and now add two tbsp of honey and one tbsp of raw yogurt. Stir it well unless you get the pulpy paste. Apply the paste to your wet hair and put over your polyethylene cap. Wash it away after half an hour. Amazing results are a guarantee. Try it by yourself.

Whiten and Straighten nails

To nourish your nails to look more beautiful and healthy, you need to bathe your fingers in lemon juice. Cut the lemon into two pieces and use each half of it to dip your fingers in it. Let your nails soak in the juice for at least fifteen minutes for the best results.

Dealing with chapped lips

Mix equal amount of carrot juice and sour cream together. Apply the mix to your lips and leave it on your lips for almost seven minutes. Now, wash your lips afterward and see the magical results.

Getting rid of dark circles

Soak two round and flat cotton swabs in a glass of cold milk and place those swabs just beneath your eyes. It really works magically to wipe away your dark circles like anything. You can see the noticeable results after this application.

For glowing and healthy skin

The combo of sliced tomato and sugar makes an awesome face scrub. It is going to remove dead skin cells and give your skin a healthy natural glow. Slice down the tomato and now sprinkle some sugar on it. Now, gently rub your skin with it in a small circular motion. Leave it on for at least ten minutes and then wash off with the water. Repeat this procedure for almost three to four times in a week.

These homemade instant and natural tips are a must try to look more elegant and beautiful.

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