Heartburn is a real panic that some of us are familiar with. Majority of the population feel this pain during the night. Do you know that you can get rid of heartburn by the adoption of easy-going habits that need to be changed as you are taking them for granted, causing you this panic attack?

We at BetterRead have compiled a list of easy to do things so that you can get rid of this problem.

Opt. for the best sleeping posture

Your sleeping posture really matters a lot when it comes to heartburn. So, if you are suffering from a heartburn, the best sleeping position would be towards your left side as it helps you to properly digest your food. Another position to sleep is to elevate your upper body, as it is a prevention of stomach acid from flowing upside your esophagus. Do make sure that lifting your head up alone is not enough with the help of regular pillows, so you must either be using a wedge-shaped pillow or adopt another posture to raise your head from your bed for almost 6 inches.

Pay Regular attention to what you eat

It would be better to stay away from junk or processed food items and start eating best quality products that are easy to digest. It will be a prevention to your heartburn. The list of foods that you especially need not to eat is citrus fruits, caffeinated drinks, tomatoes, alcohol, chocolate, onions, garlic and spicy food items as well.

Take care about how you eat

Do not inhale your eaten food. Chew down and eat slowly in a thorough manner and split your daily meal plan into small portions. Instead of having two huge meals for a whole day, try to opt for five small ones. Do not consume such kind of food items that are extremely hot or cold. And, not to forget, you must be waiting for at least two hours after you eat before you lay down on your bed and avoid rushing towards fridge at night.

Take Proper care of your body

It means you need to quit smoking and excessive drinking so that you can start losing your weight. A healthy body means a stability of gastroenterological processes. You might be glad to know that losing a couple of pounds from your body can bring an instant relief to your heartburn, according to recent studies.

Get to Know your superfoods

You should definitely need to check your suitable foods when it comes to battle your heartburn, these superfoods are going to stand by your side. Veggies, non-citrus fruits, oatmeal, ginger, lean meats and egg whites must be taken in your meal plans as these type of food items does not trigger your acid reflux, helping your digestive system to work in a proper manner. Sunflower seeds are the perfect remedy to be used at home during a heartburn attack.

Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes

It might sound a bit weird, but, on the other hand, it is a proven fact that tight clothes and belts put an excessive pressure on your abs, causing a rise in the amount of fluid present in your stomach. Try to reconsider your wardrobe and clothing. After all, feeling good and healthy is what makes you look appealing and gorgeous.

Hope, you find this article informative enough to control your heartburn.

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