Various researchers have proven the fact that it only takes seven seconds of a time to create your first impression of meeting anyone. A tip to let you know that if you are heading towards a job interview, the employer might be making a decision to accept or reject you in just half a minute. You really need to avoid a certain type of mistakes that can harm your first impression completely. And, focus on making a first impression everlasting, either it is about making a new friend, finding a job or seeking a long-term relationship.

BetterRead is going to identify some common loopholes that can make your impression turn rude, selfish, annoying or bored in the mind of a person you are going to meet for the first time in your life. You better need to read this article to avoid making a false image of other people and create an everlasting good vibe among others.

Let us have a look at the list:

Weak handshake

Weak or not willing to have a warm handshake can turn to a real disaster for making the first impression as the research identify weak handshakes are made by the people who are introvert, shy, anxious or lacking any ability. Another common mistake that most of us do is holding the hand for too long. So, if you want to go through a bright first impression, start with a grippy firm handshake for not more than two seconds.

Wrong hand position

Never ever put your hands in pockets as it may depict that you are hiding something. The best way is to put your hands in your lap. Or select for placing the hands gently on the table but don’t let your hands get squeezed as it shows that you want to take control of the situation.

Chewing gum

If you are having a meeting with any person for the very first time in your life and you are chewing gums, the impression to them will be childish, immature, or low standard. Chewing gum is really a low turn idea at a job interview. However, in a casual environment, chewing gum somehow turns out to be a friendly and approachable way. But, you need to avoid eating chewing gum on an empty stomach as it can create a real havoc. Here is how.

Avoiding eye-contact

Eye contact is considered as the strongest aid for lasting a perfect first impression. Research proves that the people who tend to maintain a regular eye contact while listening or talking to someone are actually more intelligent and confident. On the contrary, people who avoid eye contact are considered as less attractive, less sincere and shows lack of confidence in them.

Playing with your hair

Playing with the hairs is a no-no approach on making a first impression and women are prone to this habit in comparison with men as they touch their hair up to eighteen times in a day. It depicts low self-esteem, stress and discomfort regarding personal traits of the people.

Making distracting noises

Random sounds you make while meeting for the first time such as tapping your fingers or foot, cracking your knuckles turns out to be the most annoying thing that happens and creates a bad impression. Tapping indicates irritation, nervousness, impatience, and discomfort. Avoid making such noises during your first meeting.

Frequently checking your watch or cellphone

On an average, a normal person usually ends up checking their phone 110 times in a day. It is considered as an impolite attitude to check your phone or watch during a go-on conversation as it shows lack of interest in the other person and you seems to be bored in meeting them. Avoid this thing while making a first impression. Here are some wise cellphone etiquettes you certainly need to adapt to create a positive vibe among others.

Being late

It makes the impression of unreliability and not focused towards the commitment to a time when you arrive late during the first meeting. You need to be certain to manage your time in such a way that you arrive a couple of minutes earlier before meeting for the first time with any person.

Bad attire

Stats say that almost 55 percent of the first impression is totally based on how you look. Studies have proven the fact that your appearance can make an everlasting impression on the other people to whom you are visiting for the first time. Be well groomed and gentle in your appearance for making a warm and fascinating first impression. Moreover, there are certain tips that will make you look more elegant without visiting a saloon if you are a woman obsessed with your personality to look more appealing and prominent.

Hope you find this article an amazing thing to read. Do share your views on this article.

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