A perfect posture is critically vital than most of us assume. Bad posture depicts that our joints and muscles aren’t properly functioning all the time in daily life activities that we tend to perform, and it can lead to a damage of severe problems such as body pain, muscle atrophy, all types of joint injuries, breathing diseases and digestive imbalance and much more. Moreover, bad posture really isn’t suitable for your personality and creates a negative impact on others as well.BetterRead is going to let you know a couple of advice that could be an aid to maintain a better posture and you will also stay healthy as well and below-given tips are so easy to adopt in your regular routine.

Wear Comfy Shoes and Walk barefoot

Feet work as a base of your whole human body, so a perfect development of joints and muscles in them is vital for having a perfect walking or staying posture. The most natural thing to maintain is to walk barefoot on your garden, and you should make it a routine. When you need to wear high heels, thick soles or uncomfortable pair of shoes during a party wear, do not make it a routine of wearing them on a regular basis. You really need to find yourself a perfect pair of shoes that are lightweight and have a proper support as well.

Proper Intake of calcium to your diet

Calcium is best known for the development and strengthening of our bones. The older we get, the more sensitive and brittle our bones become. But, a strong skeleton keeps your body in balance and also provide you a perfect posture and also battles all types of pain that a poor posture causes. You need to eat as much of calcium-rich diets such as milk, cheese, beans and other dairy products.

Consumption of vitamin D

Vitamin D is a source needed by our bones on a priority basis as it ensures proper absorption and digestion of calcium in our bodies. You can get Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight and food as well, but if those two sources aren’t sufficient for your body, it is recommended to intake supplements of Vitamin D.

Lift weights

It isn’t necessary that you need to hit up the gym on a regular basis or start weightlifting. Even small loads of weights that you encounter in your daily life routines such as picking up the bags from the nearby shopping mart or a grocery store is a handy thing and a proper fix to maintain a perfect posture and it can be an aid to a bit of exercise as well. All you need to do is maintain the balance while carrying heavy bags on the same shoulder all the time. A routine habit of lifting small loads is going to prevent you from getting osteoporosis and you won’t be having a hump while you grow older.

Change your posture time to time

Sitting in front of your computer on a workstation for hours or a prolonged period of time can tire your muscles out, and, as a result, this bad posture causes neck and back pain. So, it is very crucial to change your sitting pose time to time. You can stand up, grab a walk, stretch your body while sitting on your chair at least two to three times in an hour. And, if you find yourself too much busy to remember, write and paste it in front of your workstation so that you remember to change your pose after every half an hour.

Improvement in your balance

There are various types of fitness equipment available that you can use to work out for a better posture and relax your body as well. Walking on an unstable surface such as sand is of great help. Balancing links up with your brain, nervous system and muscles to create a comfy co-ordination and also improves your posture as well.


Here are a couple of easy exercises that you can do within the comfort of your home to improve your posture and get rid of neck and back pain as well.Chair Pose.All you need to do is stand up from your couch. Exhale your breath and bend your knees. Keep that in mind that you do not bend your knees more than 90 degrees, and keep the knees over your toes. Now, take two breaths, and, then stand up and repeat it for at least thrice times.Plank Pose.Start this one with your hands and knees towards the floor. Stretch both legs in a straight manner behind you, with your toes toward the floor and your legs and back must be in a straight line. Now, hold on to this pose as long as you can resist.Hope so you are going to get the best of benefits from the above tips.Also Read: Things That Happens for Good Reason If You Start Waking Up an Hour Earlier


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