No one wants to quarrel with a beloved husband or a wife as it is so easy to hurt your life partner with an action or words during a fight. If you had a fight with your life partner, you must know about the regret that lasts for way too long even if the fight is over and sometimes, it leads to a ruined relationship.

BetterRead has listed these actions you should never ever think of doing while having a fight with your loved ones, just in case a fight happens.

Do not include other family members

Your quarrel concerns only the two of you and no third one or anybody else. By including your parents or other family members or your brothers and sisters, the conflict turns out to be messier and fallout of both family issues. Even if the peace and the end of the fight happen to your relationship, the family members of both sides are most likely to remember each and every point that happened in the past and will wage against your partner when provided a chance.

Do not Turn on Violence

That is the most terrible thing that god forbid happens while fighting, partners turn out to show their violent side. Trying to prove that you are right, you end up being violent. Control your anger to that level that allows yourself or your partner and avoid violence, what so ever the reason is or how angry you are. The physical pain turns out to be real emotional dilemma caused by a beloved and will ultimately wipe away all the loving memories that once bounded you.

Don’t Open up the Past Chapters

For instance, the major cause of the fight is due to any work that is not done by your partner, stick it to that issue only. Never ever think about reminding your partner of all their bad habits and the past life wrongdoings. It will ignite the minor domestic issue into a messy big conflict and you don’t want it to be happening in between your married life.

Divorce – Never Ever Think to Talk about it

It’s really disturbing and heartbreaking thing when you say, ‘Alright, let us end up the chapter and get Divorce’ during the fight, it turns out to be the biggest insult ever. This single word is really going to break the heart of your partner in a really bad manner. The more often you say this word, the faster it leads to the happening and the end of the relation. If you truly love each other, never ever think about parting ways. Calm down. Relax. Fights do happen but that is not the solution for a living.

Never leave home in the middle of a fight

Leaving the home during a fight is not going to solve the problem as it will only highlight that how uncomfortable you are feeling with your partner under one roof. It would be better to stop the fight, calm down and discuss everything as an adult. You should act in a mature manner.

Do not go to bed separately

If you are thinking to sleep separately after a fight, it’s a bad idea as it simply shows that your ego is coming in between your relationship and you are not ready to make up with your partner. As the daily routine, you need to go to bed together, as it will ease the annoying atmosphere and will definitely end up the fight as you may wake up in each other’s arm right the next morning and will definitely forget that happened last night.

Never fight in public

If you are going to allow your partner and yourself to fight in the public place, then it means that you have zero tolerance and the level of respect seems nothing to you as you fight among other unknown people. Do not take your negative side that might turn out to be a drama in public. It is better to talk your issues when you are comfortable at home.

Hope, you find this article informative and never ever think about getting into a fight with your beloved.

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