Trust us, these clothing stuff will be creating a havoc in your washing machine and you must never end up with these clothing while washing your next load of laundry.

BetterRead has gathered a list of items that must not be available in your washing machine next time you do laundry.

Nothing is worse than a damaged or shrunken cloth or a broken washing machine. But, fortunately, we know how to un-shrink cashmere, cotton, synthetic fibers and your favorite denim and why those type of fabric shrink in their first place. But getting the washing machine repaired is a complete another side of the story and no doubt, it is a costly one. So, save yourself money and time and make sure not to have these things while you are doing a laundry next time.


When you visit a shopping or a grocery store, paying in cash and getting back your change that you always try to stuff in the pockets so you don’t make a waste of your time. Next thing you know is that your washing machine has a swim of all those coins that go in the washer. Those little metal pieces might seem harmless, but, instead, they can create a serious harm to your washing machine, if they get stuck in. You must empty all of your pockets before washing them. The coins could easily get stuck in a drain pipe, thus, blocking the water or even break the glass of your precious washer. Or even worse, they can create a damage to the inner drum and puncture the outer tanks, that can cause a serious amount of money to get fixed again. In fact, it would be much cheaper to buy a new washing machine than repairing a damaged one.

Flammable stains

You are about to run out of gas but you are in a rush to wash the clothes. So, once you are done filling up your tank, you quickly pull out the pump and damn, you spilled all of the gas on yourself. It really happens. But you don’t need to make the mistake of throwing those pants in the washing machine as it might lead to a cause of fire, flame or even an explosion. The best possible method is hand-washing them with the help of hot water and detergent and hang them to dry on their own.


It is the only thing that remains forgetful sometimes – even if that means to forget your keys in your pocket when they go through the wash. Well, as anyone with the entry without keys, water remains an enemy. As it can lead to a short circuit to your washing machine. Likewise, coins, keys can cause a scratch on the inside of your machine and also cause a damage to the drum as well. As mentioned above, it can create a serious havoc and turns out to be expensive as well. It is better to empty your pockets before washing your clothes.

Rubber-backed mats

Tossing a rubber backed mat into your washing machine is not going to do any favors to the machine at all. The rubber will eventually break down and can cause damage to the pump if a large quantity passes down towards the filter. It is best recommended to hand wash your rubber backed mats.

Sports shoes

While sneakers are OK to be washed in a washing machine, but, trying to wash running shoes will end up in an expensive mistake that you definitely don’t want to happen, especially as they get shrunk. It is better recommended to use a brush and a detergent to hand wash them in an appropriate manner.

Small clothing

Small clothing such as baby socks can definitely stuck inside the washing machine that is not so easy to be approached in such places as they get stuck in the vents and hoses of the washing machine. You don’t want to deal with a flood that doesn’t drain out easily. Right? So, it is better to wash those tiny items in a washable bag to make sure that nothing gets escaped from washing.

Excess laundry

It may seem easy to stuff your washing machine with as much of laundry as you can, but you are not really doing yourself a favor here. When you are washing excessive laundry, your machine gets too much stuffed to the brim and there is no space to properly washing of your clothes and it can also damage the suspension and bearings of your washing machine as well.

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